Internet Librarian 2009 Unconference

So, I decided about a month ago that I wanted to go to Internet Librarian this year.  We have no professional development funding in a challenging fiscal year, but it mattered enough to me that I decided to pay my own way.  My life’s been pretty change-laden recently, and one thing that I always can fall back on in times of change is my social circle — both personal and professional.  I decided that I wanted to go because I wanted the networking opportunities, the chance to reconnect with a bunch of friends, old and new, with whom I can talk endlessly about the challenges and successes of the work we all do.  I decided I wanted to go because it would be fun.

(Then I looked at the program, and discovered that there’s a ton of usability and web design content this year, and given that part of the strategic plan I’m working on for the libraries here includes a massive web redesign… I guess I’m going to the conference because I have things to learn and because I want to network.  And because it would be fun.)

So I announced I was going, to my friends and colleagues both on and off the internet, and ideas started sparking.

And now I’m helping amy buckland do this really cool thing:

Library Camp Monterey @ Monterey Public Library
9:30 AM – 12:30 PM
amy buckland, Coordinator, eScholarship@McGill (interim), McGill University Library
Jenica P. Rogers, Director of Libraries, College Libraries, State University of New York at Potsdam

Join us at the Monterey Public Library for an interactive discussion about people, technology, and libraries. Bring your war stories and your questions and be prepared to share—this is definitely NOT a “sage on the stage” event. (PowerPoints are forbidden!) This unstructured conversation may range from web development to info commons to everything in between which affects all types of libraries.

For more information see the Library Camp Monterey conference wiki page.

It’s a natural fit.  I’m going to the conference to learn things from people I admire, people I respect, and people I haven’t met yet — so what better way to make sure that happens than to help host an unconference?

It’s free, it’ll be fun, and it’ll be interesting, so if, like me, you go to conferences for equal parts learning and connecting, please join us on Saturday morning.  We’d love to meet you.

One comment

  1. “going to the conference to learn things from people I admire, people I respect, and people I haven’t met yet”

    AMEN. I LOVE any chance I can get to do this! And it’s the “unstructured” or “roundtable” events that are always the most productive. And there’s no downside. You learn something new, learn you’re doing something wrong, or learn you’re doing it RIGHT. How can you lose?


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