busy busy busy

It’s finals week.

Today, our building is full.  I mean… FULL.  Every table, nearly every chair, and every single power outlet, including ones in hallways and outside office doors, are in use.  We have students sitting on the floor using kickstands for tables, sitting just about anywhere they can find a corner for themselves and their laptops.  I suspect that the earlybirds who snagged the beanbag chairs this morning are getting jealous looks…

Last week Keith suggested we look into buying inexpensive folding tables — glorified TV trays, really — for students to use when the more traditional seating options are full.  (Chairs we have.  Tables, not so much.)  This week, as they use kickstands for furniture, that sounds like a brilliant idea.

Use of the study areas in our main library was up 22% in November 2009 over November 2008.  I can’t wait to see the December numbers.

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