Director Day In The Life, a Monday

8:30-9: Drove to work, got breakfast sandwich, big cup full of ice for ice water in my office, and food for lunch from campus cafe.

9-10: Checked in with secretary. Signed invoices for materials acquisitions.  Printed resume and cover letter for candidate interview for a campus position. Responded to a patron appeal and forwarded it to the appropriate staff member. Read the most important looking emails in my inbox. Responded to an issue from Saturday regarding our circulating laptops.  Checked voice mail.  Drank a big glass of water and ate my sandwich.  Prepped a Must Do Today list.  Read more email.  Called Human Resources to confirm the status of a scheduling change for a staff member.

10-10:30: Met with Reference Coordinator to discuss ongoing issues.  Topics included: image glitches with our new lab full of  iMacs, scheduling the Reference desk during our ongoing staffing changes and as part of our strategic planning process, rearranging furniture in the Reference area, and our institutional opinion of 24×7 reference as per our use of QuestionPoint.

10:30-10:50: Email staff member responsible for library technology about computer issues identified in previous meeting, then reading through paperwork for annual staff evaluations.

11-12: Interview with candidate for campus position in Public Affairs.

12-1: Talked to the head of Public Affairs about a few outstanding questions, and invited her to a meeting on Thursday. Lunch in my office while answering emails about cleaning the library and replacing a printer damaged by a water leak.  Sent agenda for meeting on Thursday morning after cleaning up the document that is to be discussed at that meeting.

1-2: Reviewed timesheets with staff supervisors, discussed a personnel issue that’s being managed, responded to half a dozen emails about facilities issues and scheduling questions (Hooray start of semester!).

2-2:30: Responded to two appeals of late fines.

2:30-5: Left campus for a series of routine doctor’s visits.

5:15-7:30: Arrive home and set to work on performance programs, and finish, refine, and post a job ad for a Web Services Librarian to the internal HR website.  Instead, spend 45 minutes responding to a second appeal to my response to an appeal for a fine, communicating with staff about the issue, and documenting my actions.  THEN got started on performance programs and job ads.

7:30:  Taking out my contacts, getting the last Magic Hat #9 from the fridge, and putting Stargate on the big screen.  See y’all on Wednesday, as I’m taking tomorrow off for my birthday.


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