Director Day in the Life, a Wednesday

My morning today consisted of yoga, cleaning the vendor/spam/non-essential email out of my work inbox, a shower, laundry, a slice of cold pizza for breakfast, and then off to work.  I stopped by our PACES (auxilliary services) office and put some cash onto my ID card so I can buy Diet Coke and food in the cafe, then into my office.


  • Signed invoices for music materials — we ordered some new collected works and auth0ritative volumes in Crane, and the invoices are startlingly huge.  But that’s the cost of doing business and running a music library for a program like the Crane School of Music. *signs*
  • Checked in with Angie The Wonder Secretary.
  • Drank my Diet Coke.
  • And, then, email.  After I deleted the crap, I had 58 messages that i needed to read or reply to.
  • Printed a bunch of draft org charts from staff members, which I solicited at last week’s staff meeting — as I do my planning for a re-org, what do THEY want me to do?  I got this advice at Midwinter, and I’m glad I took it… these results are fascinating.
  • Checked in on facilities issues ranging from signage regarding our new study arrangement, the fountain in the lobby, the jackhammering on the back steps, and the painting being done by a student on our basement stairwell doors.
  • Printed the resume and cover letter for today’s interview of a candidate for a Public Affairs position.

11-12: Public Affairs interview.

12-1:30:  Meeting of the Steering Committee of the Campus Facilities Master Plan project, which prompted a half-d0zen to-do items for me, revolving around peer benchmarking, self-studies, and strategic planning.  Followed by a walking conversation with the Provost about her recent trip to China and campus possibilities for faculty exchanges.

1:30-2:30: Quick lunch in the staff room, then more email (facilities, aspirational peers, and some professional development/speaking opportunity stuff).  Talked with Angie about administrative stuff, gave her the go-ahead to make some things happen on behalf of the Libraries.

2:30–3:15:  Regular monthly meeting with evening circulation supervisor from the music library.

3:15-3:30:  Went up to the librarians’ office suite to talk to a few different people briefly, and then wandered through the new arrangement of study areas — it appears to be working!  Swung past the door to the basement study area (the grafitti’d stairwell) to see — and then gleefully admire — the artwork our student artist, Chase Winkler, has painted on our door for us.  Awesome, and deserving of its own post later.

3:30-6: Quiet time in my office.

  • Project work, including staff performance plans
  • Org chart brainstorming
  • Talking with a librarian about his two forthcoming articles (yay, Dan!)
  • Emailing with Public Affairs about recording the student art projects the libraries are facilitating
  • Researching possible facilities peers
  • Talking with a staff member about receipt printers for the circ desk
  • Finish writing this.

6-6:15: Introduce myself and give a brief Thanks And Let’s Get To Work speech to our student workers for this semester, at their training meeting.

6:30: Home!  Change from dress, tights, and boots into yoga pants and a tshirt, see what’s on the menu for dinner, and pull out the jewelry supplies.  I’m feeling creative.

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