Director Day In The Life, Thursday

Woke up slow this morning, listening to NPR and dozing and hoping, knowingly in vain, that I’d get a snow day today.  Nope. Got dressed in clothes that specifically allowed me to wear one of the pairs of earrings I made last night, then more cold pizza for breakfast, and a Diet Coke from the machine inside Kellas as I arrived for my meeting.

8-9: Chair campus Teaching and Learning with Technology Roundtable meeting, discussing Large Format Printing (posters for research, etc), the success of the recent TLT Day/IT Fair, updates on tech infrastructure on campus, and the results of the campus technology and teaching survey.  Highlights:  we need more tech training for both faculty and students, the search on the campus site needs to be a top priority, and nobody loves our calendaring software, but Blackboard is getting a better rep on campus.

9-10:30:  Office time.  Soundtrack: Yesterday’s mix of Sinead O’Connor, Pearl Jam, Depeche Mode, The Cure, and Concrete Blonde, with some added Violent Femmes and Jane’s Addiction.

  • Talked with Angie.
  • Forwarded two emails to the staff who I am asking to take point on the projects in question.
  • Reviewed the LSW Friendfeed thread where I asked for help on identifying facilities peers.  Awesome help.
  • Deleted stuff in my email.
  • Printed stuff from my email.
  • Started composing message to campus contact for Facilities Master Plan about facilities peers.
  • Cleaned up my desk (by moving piles, not really an effective long-term solution)
  • Dragged my attention back to staff performance plans.  Boring but vital, and they deserve more attention from me.
  • Oh, look, we have a leak in the E’s.  Staff are capably handling it; they’ll tell me if I need to do anything.
  • Laughing that one of our students has beat me out of being Mayor of the library on FourSquare.  I mean, sure, that makes SENSE, what with this being a student-centered institution, but… I wanted that!  Must. check. in. more!  (Yes, I am a dork.)

10:30-11: Regular monthly meeting with Distance Learning Coordinator.

11ish-12:  Lunch!  Took some reading over to the cafeteria so I could get a big salad and something indulgent for dessert, and sat and read and nibbled for an hour.

12-1:30:  Work work work.

  • Returned a call from Maryruth from Buff State about the SUNY Council of Library Directors spring meeting, and how to make it more useful to new directors.  I suggested she should label us prominently on our nametags so that we can identify each other.  🙂
  • Org chart work.
  • Another fine appeal.

1:30-2:  Regular monthly meeting with Special Projects Associate. Discussed student satisfaction survey, space reorganization, a few ongoing facilities issues, ILL, and outreach and programming for the lobby.

2-3: Office work — Library Tech coordinator came over to upgrade my F-Secure on the Parallels Windows installation, so I did a bunch of paperwork sorting and filing.  Talked with the secretary about work-study issues, and talked with the archivist about faculty-relations issues.

3:00: Regular bi-weekly  meeting with the Assistant Vice President for Information Technology, in which I toured that newly-finished and newly-renovated spaces they’re all working in now, and did some brainstorming about computer labs on campus, the library’s involvement in those, and space use.  Hrm……

4-5:  Work work work.  Office stuff.  Email stuff.  Stuff.

5:00:  Going over to the faculty art opening at the gallery to see work by my friends and colleagues, then home to do… something not work.


  1. So you got to see our spiffy digs in the bowels of The Building That Shall Not Be Named? The red condiut going everywhere on shocking-white walls makes it very scifi. 🙂


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