Filling my space

And now I’ve moved.  Look, my own shiny URL!

But don’t get me wrong: I bought hosting.  I registered my domain and did the DNS transfer.  I played with the WordPress UI.  I installed plugins.  I adjusted widgets.  I fiddled with CSS.  I did not, however, touch the server.  I’m server-phobic for no good reason other than I’m not in the mood to learn it/teach myself right now.  And so this successful move is entirely due to the willing and capable help of Robin Hastings and Blake Carver.

It’s a funny story that says something about librarians, actually.  I sent a message to a network of librarian friends, and said, “I don’t want to do this myself, but I want it done.  I will pay one of you for your valuable time to do it for me.”  I got about a dozen offers to teach me how to do it.  And then finally, someone said, “Poor Jenica.  We’re trying to force her to hold the fishing pole and learn how to fish.  She JUST WANTS A FISH, people.”

Librarians.  Can’t help teaching people.

My thanks to everyone who helped, and even to the ones who laughingly offered to send me instructions and draw me pictures describing the process.  🙂


  1. You’re not the only one who mostly wants/wanted a fish. Note my blog’s URL: I couldn’t even be bothered to register a special domain. And “fiddling with CSS” correctly describes the extent of my blog’s customization. LISHost for the win, once again.


  2. I’m amused by the fact that Walt commented on this post, since he’s using the WordPress theme I designed and I migrated your WordPress blog here (with much help from Blake!!). You two are the only ones I know of in the library world who have used my services… and here you are discussing them!


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