doing is harder than questioning

It’s 10 pm.  I’m sitting in my bedroom, propped on a pile of pillows, cats on a blanket tossed over my feet, laptop in my lap, trying to rewrite our loan and fine policies.

It’s not really working.  It wasn’t working when I drew it out on my whiteboard last week, it still wasn’t working when I left my office at 6, and it’s not working now.  I’ll try again tomorrow.

The issue is that I think I know where we need to go — a system of simplified fees for late materials aimed with laser-focus at getting materials back for re-use rather than punishment for forgetting deadlines, combined with loan periods that make sense for different user groups with different needs, while still streamlining of our loan periods where logical and providing more frequent automated reminder notices for better customer service — but putting it together in a way that’s logical, coherent, functional, and thoughtful… well, that’s hard.

Last summer we did the Questioning part.  We looked, as a community of library staff, at our rules and our policies and our habits and we compared them to our beliefs and our goals and our hopes.  They didn’t match.  We’re going to try to realign them.

Just not tonight, because the doing is harder than the questioning.  I can’t seem to make these pieces line up seamlessly right now.  I have faith that it can be done, but… maybe reaching for forward-thinking transparency needs sunlight to succeed.  So.  Morning.  The questions will still be there, but by daylight maybe the answers will join them.

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