puzzle me this

I’ve had a couple of really timely conversations in the last week that have helped to focus my mind on the heart of a few problems I’m struggling with. Those “a-ha!” moments cannot be underestimated, because of the clarity that comes with them. It’s like a gift to be able to see past the tangles of politics, institutional culture, or change aversion to the heart of the problem, and realize that if you pull on that one string, right there, the whole thing will spool out into something tidy and functional. It’s a great feeling, and I’m currently gently poking at the spools at my feet trying to see if they’re going to spring back into knotty messes or if those ideas really truly will work to solve the problems.

But you know, sometimes? Sometimes there’s no string to pull. Sometimes there’s no easy answer, no matter how clever you are. Sometimes you just have to say that being a librarian just makes no damn sense at all. As a case in point, I offer you this:

That, my friends, is a government document call number label and Federal Repository sticker on a cardboard canister which contains a bag of puzzle pieces.

Libraries: Defying sense-making since freakin’ forever.

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