The slow loris and goddamn wagons

Sarah Glassmeyer is an interesting woman, a good librarian, and a better writer. (She can rearrange those modifiers to suit her, but I liked how that sentence sounded in my head.)  Her recent guest post on Vox PopuLII made me laugh, and think, and nod my head in agreement. And, because I’m a terrible friend and a rabblerouser at heart, I’m going to do the thing she privately worried we’d all do, and pull the inflammatory quote.

You’re probably thinking to yourself right about now, “Well, this is nice and moderately interesting, but why is she writing about lorises in an legal information blog?” Well, if an overly cautious, slow moving, non-evolving primate that responds to threats by a poison tongue or hiding and pretending the threat isn’t there didn’t remind you of anything, well then I guess you haven’t spent much time around librarians.

Kicks you where it hurts, doesn’t it?  You’ll have to click through and read the rest to get the insightful and thought-provoking parts that don’t have the “OMG QUOTE ME OUT OF CONTEXT” flag waving proudly.  Really.  Go.  Read the whole thing.  It’s worth it.

And it also made me change the quote in my sidebar for the first time in about five years.  LeGuin has been bumped for this:

Them that’s going,” he said, “get in the goddamn wagon. Them that ain’t, get out of the goddamn way.

In point of fact, I despise Faulkner.  On the spectrum of American fiction I enjoy (and then, as a result, chose to study for four years), I’m a Hemingway girl.  Reading Faulkner makes me want to cry.

But that’s a damn good quote.  Are you getting in the wagon, or are you gonna be a loris?

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