Say goodbye to 2010

Today, after my coworkers and I celebrated the holiday season and the end of another fall semester with drinks and lunch and a gift swap, came the inevitable “we all chipped in for a present for the boss”.  After opening a too-generous pile, I said something like this.

“Just… thank you.  You’re very generous, and very kind.  You don’t have to do this, year after year.  I’m just doing my job, just like you are.  But the fact that you are generous, and you are kind, makes it easier to do some of the things I have to do.  You deserve someone who will give their best for you.  I’m trying.”

And that might just sum up my management philosophy, right there.

Don’t forget to check out the lunar eclipse and honor the Solstice, have a merry Christmas, may yours be a happy New Year, and see you in 2011.


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