The three directors

Once upon a time, there were three women in a library science graduate program in Madison, Wisconsin.  One was from Wisconsin, fresh out of college in Iowa.  One was from Kansas, migrating her way east.  One was from Illinois, returned to the midwest after spending five years in Connecticut.  All of them were taking the required classes first, and so they saw a lot of each other.  And they liked each other.  And for two years, they talked.  A lot.  They sat in each others’ living rooms and worked on group project after group project, they suffered through strange part-time-job bosses, they fought the weather and parking and odd adjuncts and took field trips and learned the profession.  They made a bunch of other friends as well, and some enemies (Bad Jason, anyone?), and much fun was had by all, as Madison has copious amounts of beer and good food within spitting distance of the library school.  And then they all graduated, and went on to jobs in libraries, two academic, one public.

All of that happened ten years ago.  We graduated with our MLIS degrees in 2001, Ane and Heather and me.

Now, we’re all three of us directors of our respective libraries.  Heather has been leading the Manchester District Library in Michigan for several years, I’m here at Potsdam, and Ane has just started as the Director at the University of Wisconsin Fox Valley.

Never underestimate what you can do in a decade, let alone a career.  I’m so proud of us all.  And now I’m pondering a trip to Madison this summer…


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