Director Day in the Life, 1/25/2011

What my day appeared to be, as of Monday night:

7-7:30: Pick up muffins and doughnuts and bagels as a thank-you to the staff for not killing anyone on the first day of classes.
7:30: To work to deliver said bribe for good behavior on the second day of classes.
8-9: Chair the Exec Board meeting of the TLTR, the Teaching and Learning Technology Roundtable. Agenda: to set the agenda for spring for the full committee.  Sounds arcane, but really does make sense.
9-10: GSD.
10-11: Meeting with Dan, regular monthly 1-on-1.
11:30: Meeting with our new Library Clerk 3, a weekly half hour to help manage the transition and keep us both on track in our new supervisor-supervisee relationship.
12: LUNCH!  WOOHOO! (Small pleasures, people.)
1-2: Meet with the interview committee for our Library Clerk 2 position (made vacant when the LC3 mentioned above was promoted) to discuss the search process.
2-3: GSD.  Hoping to make more progress on a list of potential donor funding opportunities to give to our liaison in Advancement.
3-4: Meet with Dan and the VP for Student Affairs to talk about the Big Read grant application we’re submitting for next year.
4-6: Finish the personnel stuffs left over from yesterday.
6-7:30: Do the gym stuffs I bailed on yesterday.

What really happened:
Blessedly, the morning was crisis-free.  My meetings went well, I came away with new/more to-do items, but they’re all smart and useful things for me to be doing, and that’s the job.  Lunch was boring, but livened up by half of the last doughnut from the morning’s treats. The afternoon’s meetings were equally uneventful (yay!). In my GSD portions of the day, I did get some stuff done, but in nearly all cases it wasn’t what I had hoped to do. I’ve got writer’s block on three big projects, and so I keep opening the files, staring at them, and drifting off mentally or wandering off physically.  I’ll get to them when I must, but for now I’m working on other things until the pressure of deadlines forces me to blast through the block.  I did mostly finish the personnel stuff, though, including addressing a new problem and discussing an ongoing issue, so that’s good progress. I’m about to leave my office and go to the gym, where I have a date with a Dresden Files audiobook (James Marsters is a great reader) and an elliptical machine, followed by the weight machines. Gonna try 90 lbs on the chest fly machine today, see how I do.

And tomorrow is my birthday, and I don’t work on my birthday, so I’ll tell you tomorrow’s Director Day in the Life in advance:  Sleep til 9.  Massage at 10.  Treat myself to lunch at the Thai place.  DO WHATEVER I WANT TO ALL AFTERNOON AND EVENING. Options include playing Warcraft, reading a book, watching a movie, or making things with my hands. I will do whatever sounds fun. Because it’s my birthday. And that’s what birthdays are for.

See y’all on Thursday.

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