Director Day in the Life, 1/28/2011

On Thursday night, Friday looked like this:

8-9: Get organized for my day.
9-10:30: Meeting with Deans and Provost to discuss moving some administrative forms to an online database. (This project is way more exciting than it sounds, described like that)
10:30-11:30: Library Website Redesign Kickoff Meeting
11:30-12:30: Meet with the SGA President to discuss the funding we get from them and a few other issues
12:30-1: Lunch
1-3: Chair the Bicentennial Planning Committee meeting
3-4: Conference call with the SUNY Council of Library Directors Executive Board
4-??? Work on the stuff that simply must get done this week before I leave for the weekend.

What really happened:
Because I really am not very good at mornings, I did not get here at 8.  I went straight to my 9 am meeting, Diet Coke and Kashi bar in hand, and had an interesting discussion with interesting people until 10ish. That gave me half an hour to prep for the web kickoff meeting, including giving the actual document I failed to attach to an email to the rest of the web team.  Oops. I left that meeting and went straight into coffee and conversation with the SGA president about the funding they provide for our latenight hours, our proposed NEA Big Read grant, and student needs for latenight, overnight, and more reliable computing hours.  Great conversation.  Did some immediate-impact troubleshooting with the secretary on 3 different issues, then I scarfed down lunch (thank you, yesterday’s self, for putting half of my salad in the office fridge!) in the 10 minutes I had left before my 1:00 meeting.  That meeting went really well, and I have another giant task to accomplish. Rock on. Afterwards, I signed some invoices, read a couple of emails, and then had an impromptu closed-door discussion with a staff member about workplace issues for which I have endless sympathy and apology, but very few immediate solutions.  3-4 was my conference call, and then I spent the last hour finishing up paperwork for performance programs, all but one written, and all but 2 signed and ready to go to HR.

And now it’s about 5, and I’m pretty much done here. My brain is full, no more will fit, and I need to go home now.  I may go to the gym; I have my gym bag.  Or I may go home and make baked potatoes with bacon and cheese.  I haven’t decided yet.  I suspect that the gym’s gonna lose out to the lure of Friday Night Indulgence.

And that’s a week in my life as Director.  I go to a lot of meetings, answer a lot of email, and wish I had more time to do the actual work that I need to do.  I don’t know where to find it.

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