possibly? maybe?

I took the morning off today to deal with a stress migraine, and so now that it’s gone, I’m faced with eating lunch and heading to work, all while feeling slightly limp.  Migraines are icky creatures.  I posted to Twitter, “God, I hate my stress migraines. Only solution is to sleep ’em off, but I wake up feeling wrung out. And on that note, lunch, then work!”  I followed up on FriendFeed with “also, getting dressed. pretty sure that cargo pants, a tshirt with a giant zebra on it, and sock monkey slippers are not going to inspire confidence in my abilities to lead and manage.”

I bring all of that here in hopes that someone will tell me that there’s a job out there, somewhere, someday, where I can busily work every day, leading and managing, and still be able to do it wearing a zebra tshirt and sock monkey slippers.

Maybe? Possibly?


Figured.  Black dress shirt and boots it is, then.


  1. Pants, you didn’t mention the pants. Hope you remembered them!

    And I would love to work in a place that let me come to work in a zebra t-shirt. One of my early memories is of the reference librarian at Simmons who came to work dressed in overalls. Those were the days!

    Feel better.


  2. I have a black shirt with zebra cuffs and color that I do wear to work 🙂

    Are you or are you not allowed to wear pants to work? I’d be so sad not to wear pants although I do like skirts too.


  3. You could do this if you worked from home. I know there are (good) jobs out there that let you do that. Although, I would recommend changing your shirt for the Skype meetings.


  4. Yeah, I think it’s the slippers that push it over into Crazy Lady territory. I have been known to wear jeans, tshirts, and hoodies to work, but only on days when I don’t expect to leave the library or engage with patrons. Slippers, not so much…


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