This I believe

Anyone remember the This I Believe series that was regularly featured on NPR? I used to listen and wonder what I’d say if it were me. Today I’ll just point you to someone else’s words, though I would note he’s humbly saying he took mine. They’re his.  (I would argue that this isn’t recursion but instead intellectual collaboration of the most fun kind.)

David Rothman on Common Sense Librarianship

Go. Read it.

When I talk about these issues off the cuff, I tend to say things like “Be a librarian. Do it well. Care. Fuck the rest. And stop whining.”  So David’s probably going to make more friends than I would if I wrote it. Which, given some of the stances David’s taken in the past, and the reactions he’s gotten, amuses the bejeezus out of me.

(But still.  Stop whining.)

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