So, I’m at ACRL

Hello, world.

So it was spring break, and I wrote a lot. Then I went on vacation and didn’t write anything, came back, and didn’t write anything, and now I’m at ACRL and feel like I should say something, in no small part because the pre conference I attended today was awesome.

Check these folks out: Innovation Boot Camp.

I am not a touchy-feely do-kooky-stuff-with-strangers icebreaker kind of person. Like, NOT. Like, it makes me ranty and glare-y. And yet MJ and Randy and Robin managed to lead us today through a series of exercises and discussions that were totally goofy, and I didn’t mind at all. Their personalities, presentation styles, and content that is completely relevant to breaking down barriers to innovation and participation in library renewal all came together to make for a really great day. And the goofy wasn’t a gimmick; it was a demonstration of the principles they were teaching. They did it well, and I commend them.

I took a bunch of pictures. I can’t post them until Sunday, though, because I decided to do this whole conference with my iPad, and so have no laptop with which to download the photos from the camera. It’ll be an interesting experience to see what I can easily do, what I can do with some difficulty, and what I cannot do, with the iPad. I’m hoping to report back on that.

Someone asked me what I’m doing this conference. Complex answer. Attending content, some of the time. Two scheduled meetings/meals with vendors. Two scheduled focus groups. Reviewing resumes from 12-2 on Friday at the placement center. Drinks with a friend to discuss a job opening in SUNY and what one needs to know about the system if you’re considering entering it. Drinks with another friend to discuss the freakshow that is her workplace and how I can help her and her colleagues survive it. More content. Trying to track down the elusive David Free.

So. I’m here, in Philly, at the convention center. Find me if you can, say hi if you wish.


  1. I’ll be interested to hear about the ipad effectiveness. I’m thinking of getting a tablet, although I haven’t decided between ipad and Android, but I saw a LOT of ipads at CIL this year, and they seemed to be working well for people’s needs, especially the ones that had peripheral keyboards. My laptop is a heavy beast (on purpose) since I don’t travel with it much, but I would love a tablet for those travel times.


  2. Melanie, that’s my logic — the iPad and its little keyboard are far lighter than my laptop, so I won’t mind carrying them around as much. I’ll definitely report back on what I learn!


  3. The camera adaptor kit for the ipad is a great addition. Two dongles but they allow you to read from a SD card or connect a USB cord for camera downloading.


  4. I’ll second Conrad’s suggestion. The camera adapter kit includes a USB adapter that also works with (at least my) usb keyboard, too. Very handy thing to have – attach the camera to the iPad, import the images to Photos, upload using the free Flickr app and you are ready to (plus the photos are there for use with the WordPress app so that you can add them to your blog). So nice!


  5. Funny, I’m not into doing icebreakers with strangers either and yet there I was leading the activities… Glad to have you at our preconference Jenica – it was a lot of fun.


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