ALA Stuff

So, I’ve never been to New Orleans. On Thursday, I change that.

On Friday, I do stuff like this:

(LLAMA Preconference, The Tough Stuff, on leadership, change, and performance in libraries. All day.)

On Saturday, I do a talk that won’t include this, because it turns out that there will be no projection capability for that panel, but I really like this slide so I want to share it anyway. It’s a photo from the Library of Congress. How cool is that? A garment worker on strike, a Mink Brigade crusader, and a prostitute-turned-activist. Awesome. Go DO something.

(NMRT President’s Program on getting involved in professional organizations, 1:30 pm.)

On Sunday, I rest. Or, sight-see and drink and eat. You choose.

On Monday, I do this. Ahem.

(ALCTS program featuring the Ithaka S+R survey, and two library director responses, 8 am.)

And on Tuesday I go home.

Perhaps I’ll see you there!


  1. Don’t worry, there is plenty of ALA to do on Sunday, exhibits perhaps?

    There are plenty of places to eat and to get beverages of all types!

    Send me a note if you need specific suggestions. I am meeting folks I know in the Quarter for dinner on Thursday, but Friday morning I will take the streetcar ($1.25) from the stop at the end of my street and begin the conference in earnest.

    Welcome to NOLA! Our motto: Laissez les bon temps roulez! [The the good times roll!]


  2. Now you’re making me think that I need to get up for a Monday 8 a.m. program! I love that picture.

    And while I think that you need rest, you’re in New Orleans for the first time, sightsee, eat and drink!


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