Slide deck from ALCTS Forum on the Ithaka report

The slides, also available (less lovely due to conversion) on Slideshare.

The slides on this presentation largely speak for themselves, but I did give a bit of introduction: I keep a folder of kooky black and white images on my desktop, all stolen from the internet where they are always used without attribution to start with, collected solely because they entertain me with their I Make No Sense aesthetic.  I used them here because I think we have a problem, and are not making sense as a profession.

I also had a few notes on my iPad for each statistic slide, which are below, and match up with slides 2, 4, 6, and 8.

2:  65%: why NOT? This is scary.  We are all moving, and without an adequate strategic AND tactical plan in place, where precisely do we think we will end up? And whose job, if not the directors?

4:  63%: but 75% have already done so, what about this trend not clear by now? Why are we making this so complicated? Are we hiding behind information needs and waiting for certainty? (never gonna happen.) Roger says it appears we need clear policies to move forward – that would be the strategic planning thing.

6:  100%: serious disconnect between our stated goals and our indicated paths for getting there. This takes me back to the question of leadership, strategic visioning, and having a plan.

8:  75%: wait, what? We are one node in the ecosystem, and that is all. We will never be the primary mode of entry to information ever again. Let. It. Go. That time is over. Our competitors beat us, long before they ever realized we were trying to compete. We have other values, skills, and uses. Move toward them.

Someone referred to this as me throwing down a gauntlet for library leadership. I guess maybe I did. So be it. We deserve better.


  1. I liked ’em. I hoped that their oddity/goofiness would take some of the edge off of my obvious ire and disillusionment. I dunno if that worked, but they made me grin regardless.


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