Stuff around here

Enough ranting and big picture thinking.  Home’s a nice place, too.

I’m working on a calendar organizing our outreach efforts. I have deep fondness for wall pads and post it notes:

And we got new security gates. They were not originally black; we got the vendor to agree that we could have our campus folks paint over the wood-grain laminate without voiding our warranty.  Much more attractive in our midcentury modern building, and much more cost effective than paying the vendor an extra $2000 for black laminate.

And I think my library is pretty, in a minimalist kind of way.  Barnes must have thought so, too.

And it’s reunion weekend, here, which means Potsdam Summer Festival. I’m about to leave for the weekend, and plan to spend my evening eating street food, going to see Harry Potter, and having a drink or two with friends.  May your weekends be as lovely!

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