A day in the life: Monday of #libday7

6:30: Alarm. Grab the iPad and read through a few stories on Flipboard before getting out of bed.

7:00: Physical therapy appointment

8:05: Home, where my boyfriend has made pancakes and coffee. Make my lunch, fix my hair and makeup, put on Fluevogs, a cashmere wrap, and a belt, but decide that it’s a No Meetings day so the jeans and (niceish) tshirt from my PT appointment can stay.

9:30: Sit down in my office. The library secretary is on vacation today, so I’m alone in the suite. Check my email, and am pleased (?) to see that most of it’s spam and can be deleted, but address the few things that aren’t spam as quickly as possible. Send a quick personal email, post my first daily status to Twitter, and start reading news. I feel like I’m riding an emotional roller-coaster as the violence in Norway contrasts against photos of 70 and 80 year olds getting married to their partners of 50 years in NYC. Check Facebook and find a super-cool link on online identity from Carleen that I’ll use next month in my presentation to the student leadership conference. Realize it’s time for LibDay again, and start this post.

10:05:  Go fill my water bottle from the dispenser in Tech Services, and run into Keith, who gives me a status update on our construction and office rearrangement. Tech Services and the new reshelving area are nearly done, and half the new furniture is in place in Collection Building (ILL/Acq). Looking great — like professional spaces where our work is valued and taken seriously, which matches the our attitude far better than the in-progress spaces we’ve had for the past year. Grab the mail from my mailbox, marvel at how odd it is to do that now that I have Angie (the library secretary) who does that for me, most days. I’m spoiled!

10:25: Come back to my desk and open up ToodleDo on my iPad to see what today’s agenda needs to be. The OVERDUE category includes Budget Planning, Analyze Surveys, Annual Report, Survey Staff About Bylaws, and 3 emails that need to be sent. Pick out some music and get started on the short stuff. Use Google Docs to make a form so the staff can vote on Bylaws suspension, and email it to the full staff. (Google Forms are great for this kind of thing — one web link allows anonymous replies and fully manipulable spreadsheets.) Get started on the emails.

11:00: Just seeded an iTunes Genius mix with Soul Asylum “Veil of Tears” because I’ve turned into that person who listens to too much music from 20 years ago, and am rewarded with REM, Jane’s Addiction, Primus, Blind Melon, The Replacements, 10,000 Maniacs, The Jayhawks, and The Sundays. Opened up Excel and started building a budget template for 2011-2012.

11:15: Taking the first Advil of the day. Hello, chronic pain. How are YOU today? I’m pretty great, thanks for asking.

11:55: Still working on budgets — getting last year’s data from the network drive the secretary and I share, and then from the online SUNYwide systems, looking at last year’s encumbrances and expenditures, thinking about our plans and goals, considering changes in vendors and services… Take a call from a colleague in facilities to discuss questions about the activation of the campus-wide swipe-card locks on two of our doors. Work on budget stuff more. Realize it’s lunchtime.

half past noonish to one thirtyish: Lunch! Which included eating my lunch, uploading photos to Flickr, checking my gmail, browsing Facebook, reading blogs, reading news sites, and watching the trailer for Knights of Badassdom about six times. Hits the sweet spot (Ryan Kwanten? Summer Glau? Peter Dinklage? Danny Pudi? and Steve Zahn? IN A LARP MOVIE?), that one…

Knights of Badassdom trailer

*ahem* And then, after reading this, I switched to John Mayer. “Who Says” is one of my favorite songs.

1:40: Back to budgets. I quell my impatience to figure it all out with the reminder that this is a task that sets the stage for the entire year to come.

2:15: My first pass leaves me $30,000 overbudget. Shit. Time to re-examine some of my very round numbers and see if I can make them pointier.

2:30: Decide I need help. Go find Marianne, our Collection Development Coordinator, and spend some time talking with her about where the Collection Development Committee is on database and periodical renewals and cancellations, and talk through our priorities and decision-making processes for CD, which is the largest portion of our budget. Decide to put the budget on hold: I need more information.

3:15: Switch to Robyn as the afternoon’s soundtrack, and send a handful of emails. Purchasing, Associate Director, librarians. Realize there are 15 emails in my inbox, swear quietly, begin reading and responding.

4:20: Back to budgets, because I’m a pitbull about problems. Can’t let go until I kill ’em. Digging for certain expenses in the ledger spreadsheet so I’m certain I understand where we classify them, and not finding them, and getting both bewildered and annoyed. This either means I shifted them to one of our foundation accounts (unlike me; I’ve been shifting everything back from those into State funding as a matter of course, because I think donor funds should be for special and extra things) or it’s billed by someone other than the piece of the company whose name I would expect to find in the ledger. Wishing that the secretary were here. She’s great at this kind of stuff.  Give up on the CTRL-F approach and begin digging through the big binders of invoices in the main part of the office.

5:00: Call it a day. Reaching “braindead” and my shoulder is hurting. I’ll try again tomorrow. I’m headed home with a stop at the pharmacy and one at the grocery store. Thinking I’m going to suggest a movie night. How To Marry A Millionaire is calling my name.



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