Library Day in the Life: Tuesday, #libday7

So, Monday went particularly well, and was wrapped up with an evening of grilled lamb gyros, Mass Effect 2, and homemade pecan pie. Nice.  Onward to Tuesday.

6:30: Alarm, mumbled morning conversation with J and the cats, read news on Flipboard on the iPad, and stumbled toward the shower. Got dressed four times, hate all my clothes, love all my shoes. The problem with having wardrobe staples is that they wear out, eventually, and I don’t know how to replace my favorite tan capri trousers that fit perfectly but which I bought at Kohls in Rockford, IL 8 years ago… Dithering over wardrobe choices means I run out of time for breakfast and/or packing lunch, and bolt to work, where I get a breakfast sandwich and coffee at the cafe. As a result, though, I have a moment to chat with the Director of Development while we wait in line, and happily touch base with her on several things ongoing.

8:30: Academic Program Committee, one of the Provost’s administrative bodies. Discussed commencement, summer session, new faculty orientation, goals setting, and a variety of other topics related to the academic side of campus affairs. Gave an update on library projects, goals, and challenges to the Provost, Deans, and Assistant/Associate Provosts, and Directors in attendance, who all did the same in return.

10:00: To my office for the first time today, where I wake up my computer, quickly triage my email and to-do list, and check in with Angie, the Library Secretary, who has travel forms for me to sign for next week’s IDS Conference in Albany, and thereby reminds me that I have to fill out my own forms for same, which I do. I ask her yesterday’s budget question — the one that I spent an hour on — and she knows off the top of her head. Of course she does. I update her on a facilities issue she may be contacted on, and then I’m off again.

10:30: Appointment at my orthopedic surgeon’s office. The one good thing about living in a small town in a rural region is that it takes me 4 minutes to get to Dr. Savage’s office. The bad thing about living in a small town in a rural region is that any specialist’s office is insanely busy. I gloomily predict on Twitter that I’m going to be there for hours, and start reading the latest issue of EDUCAUSE Review on my iPad. Fortunately, I was just in for a progress report, so I got shunted to a PA, and was out of there by 11:15, which left me time to go to the pharmacy and stop at the cafe for lunch and still be back in my office by 12:20.

12:30: Finally sitting down at my desk to be productive. Today’s ToodleDo list is the same as yesterday’s: Overdue are Budget Planning, Analyze Surveys, and Annual Report.  Decide to set the budgeting aside for today, and go back to Analyze Surveys, since the Annual Report can’t get done for real until I get a bunch of data from various library coordinators, and I gave them a deadline of this coming Friday.  I click play on a Toad The Wet Sprocket mix (“anything you want from me I’ll do….”), take a deep breath, and open SPSS.

12:45: Pause to talk to Angie, then to talk with Keith (the Associate Director for Library Operations) about a variety of stuffs — the impending upgrade to ALEPH v.20, rearrangement of technical services furniture, our swipecard door locks, the push-button for the accessible entrance — and walk back to Tech Services to look at the work. Start talking with two of the cataloging staff about Government Documents weeding, and then have a rambling conversation for a few minutes. I work with good people.  A few more minutes talking to Angie about some personnel paperwork and assigning telephone numbers for new and relocating staff, then into my office.

1:20: Back to work. Hello, SPSS. This time I open up the SPSS for Dummies ebook and put it on my 2nd monitor while I work. Let’s do this thing.

1:35: Phone. It’s my liaison in facilities, discussing doors and swipe cards.  Add “Set fall hours” to my to do list for tomorrow. Email email email email.

1:50: Back to SPSS. Except not really; I read a few pages of SPSS For Dummies and then… more discussion of keys and security gates and fall hours. Sign some stuff for Angie, review the Community Performance Series flyer and think that this is the year I should buy a subscription, because that’s a great lineup. Approve a work order. Given how distracted I am, I spend 10 minutes checking into social networks, and then…

2:15: Back to SPSS. Switch to a P!nk mix, which starts with Funhouse. Let’s do this thing (again). Discover that my ebook has timed out. OF COURSE IT HAS.

2:55: I am just finally convinced I’ve figured out how to make SPSS do the basic data analysis I want and need, and am halfway through generating the crosstabs when SPSS crashes. And my data is lost.


3:00: I start over.

4:15: Rock on. I’ve laid down the framework of the faculty data analysis, now just need to make pretty graphs from all the tables. Brainfried on data and graphs, though, so I move back to the budget. After integrating some new data from the Collection Development Coordinator, I am in a much better position, and also discover that I was working in an unsaved spreadsheet. Since yesterday. Dear god.  My theme this afternoon seems to be SAVE EARLY AND SAVE OFTEN.

4:30: Switch to Florence + the Machine, and do a bit of selection for our browsing collection, endowed in support of the humanities. (I miss being a collection development librarian.)

5:15: Have reached 107 award winners, “best of 2010” books, and generally interesting titles. Good enough for today; I’ll check our holdings and look for reviews and prices another day. One last pass at my email, and I’m going to go home.



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