Library Day in the Life: Wednesday of #libday7

This is one of those days in which my personal life is making it hard to focus on my work life, and in which I spent a lot of mental energy trying to refocus my attention where it needed to be as well as off of where it did not need to be. I’m very glad that it’s summer, when I have more free time in my workday and therefore more ability to prioritize based not on What Must Get Done but on What I Can Do Best Today.  I’m also thankful for my own foresight in deciding I’m working shorter days this summer — I think of it as “summer hours” — to let myself recharge for Fall Semester when my days are anything but short. I would also note that it is a complex mental dance to decide when the blurring of brain caused by narcotic painkillers is warranted because the blurring of brain caused by pain is worse.  In any case, we all have rough days, work-life balance is no piece of cake, and I’m thinking of watching a Movies I Love marathon while eating pie when I get home. The Two Towers, Dirty Dancing, Auntie Mame, and How to Marry A Millionaire are all in the running. The pie is pecan.

Today’s soundtrack is Pearl Jam, a 37 song mix of my favorites from their catalog, on shuffle, inspired by the release of the trailer for PJ20.

6:30: Alarm. No interest in getting up; I stayed up too late reading Steel last night. Up, shower, dress (skirt, jacket, kitten heeled loafers), pack lunch, out the door.

8:40: Stop at the Bagelry for breakfast indulgence. A giant everything bagel with jalapeno cream cheese is 69% of my daily Weight Watchers points.

9:00: Meeting in the library classroom with instruction, reference, and technology coordinators to discuss using LibAnalytics for their service statistics. It’s a great little product, and I bought it to use for collecting the data for our building use counts. That’s a bit of an edge case use for the software, but it’s flexible enough — and Springshare is flexible enough — that it can be used well to that end, and when I communicated to them some of my desires that it couldn’t fulfill, Slaven and his staff got to work. Within a week they had added a reporting feature that does precisely the numerical analysis I was asking for. I’m really excited about it, happy to keep working with a company like Springshare, and hopeful that this might solve some of our statistics problems, as well. (Without forcing me to turn to SPSS.)

9:45: Back to my office, more travel paperwork to sign for Angie. Check in with the social web, check my email. Apparently the governor is coming here tomorrow, and so I passed that notice on to the library staff giving them my blessing to attend if they wished. Email staff about tomorrow’s Coordinating Council meeting (the libraries’ admin meeting of library staff with planning responsibility). Email email email. Send LibAnalytics info out to interested staff, and then set up accounts for everyone to play with.

11:00: Meeting in my office with Information Literacy Coordinator. We have a new course management system for fall, a new set of Information Literacy tutorials in support of General Education for fall, and interesting goals for outreach to build our impact with departments. All in a year in which a search is ongoing, so Carol’s workload is probably doubled. But it’s okay. We’re really good at this. It’ll all work out.

11:40: Emails following up on meeting issues and questions.

12:00: Lunch. Ate at my desk, read blogs and other such things and cruised Twitter, FB, and Friendfeed. As Amy Buckland says, “what some may call screwaroundondeinternet. they are wrong.” Some of the people I follow are simply friends — college roommates, larp buddies, cousins — but many are librarians, information professionals, people in higher education. It’s networking, and it’s worth the investment of time.

1:00: Meeting in my office with Reference Coordinator, discussing LibAnalytics, LibraryH3lp, the connection between consultations and ILL, the v20 upgrade, and lots of other stuff.

1:40: Walk to tech services to refill my water bottle, check my email, study my to-do list and consider the ways in which it grows like wildfire.

2:00: Meeting in  my office with Reference and Instruction Coordinators to talk about what we want to present to users on the website in terms of information access. What are our main instructional strategies about information? What do we want them to know, see, and do, and therefore, what do we put in the forefront?

2:40: Go upstairs to talk to our systems librarian about the v2o upgrade and the reserves system and a feature called, I’m told, “union view”. Get an unsatisfying answer, and ponder the frustrations and complexities of a shared consortial ILS. Since she is also the collection development coordinator, we talk about CD issues. Did you know that the Wall Street Journal wants in excess of $171,000 for campus IP-range access to that publication? BWAHAHAHAHAHA.

3;00: Back to my office to stare at my to-do list. Stop staring at my to-do list long enough to sync my iPad.  Ponder file structures and Apple on FriendFeed.  Recalibrate the colors on my 2nd monitor, because OMG driving me crazy. Tackle the to-do list, and do everything that’s short and directly job related. Realize I’m not feeling well again, and put off the professional speaking and travel communication tasks on the list until tomorrow. Reorder the rest of the list so it isn’t screaming OVERDUE at me all the time. Panic because I’m rapidly running out of summer.

3:45: Decide to burn a few hours of sick time. Not feeling well today, and in no shape to take on SPSS again, which is what needs doing most. I foresee a couch and a movie marathon in my immediate future.

One comment

  1. Hi Jenica,
    Wondering about LibAnalytics. How successful has it been for your library? (Which library are you involved with?)
    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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