Library Day in the Life: Thursday of #libday7

6:30: Alarm. Ugh. Listened to the news and dozed and pet the cats and finally convinced myself to get up. Decided to straighten my hair, so talked back at the stupid-ass politicians playing chicken with our economy while standing at the mirror with a straightening iron. Dressed (wrap dress, suit jacket, heels), was lavishly complimented by the boyfriend, grabbed a banana and a granola bar because I forgot to prep lunch last night, and headed out.

8:45: Office. Email. Reading news, blogs, and social feeds. Synced my phone and my iPad. Angie gave me a muffin from Dunkin Donuts, which is awesome, since I skipped breakfast. Chatted with her about library and campus stuff. Updated my calendar with vacation absences. Worked on the agenda for the new College Archivist’s first week.

10:00: Updated my calendar, the shared library calendar, and moved docs to my various handhelds for travel to IDS in Albany next week. Get annoyed because ToodleDo isn’t updating my iPad with the changes I made online last night. Give up, move on.

10:25: Start work on an updated org chart for the libraries, reflecting the changes made this spring. Trying it out using iThoughtsHD on my iPad instead of in Powerpoint as I have always done… this is SO MUCH NICER. Hooray, touch interface and smart software.

11:35: Wow, that was cool. Great software that does just what I want it to.  Then… email. Discuss fall hours. Discover ToodleDo has a “force sync” option. Discuss Apple and file structures on FF some more.

12:00: Lunch. Eat my yogurt and granola bar while doing some personal email, updating WeightWatchers, checking FB, checking the status of my Amazon delivery of Ghost Story, called my grandmother.

12:45: A bunch of correspondence about what I now, with intentional pomposity, refer to as my “New Zealand Speaking Tour” in October and November — pinning down hotel dates, speaking topics, passport questions.

1:20: Prep for the Coordinating Council meeting at 2 — what’s the agenda? Do I have what I need? Handouts vs projector? Talk with Angie and Keith about general daily stuff.

2:00: Coordinating Council. Discussion of late fees and how they are assessed, construction and campus updates, our ALEPH v20 upgrade, and the libraries’ proposed budget for the year.

3:00: Walk across campus to Governor Cuomo’s announcement of the North Country regional economic council. While waiting for the event to start, I chat with a faculty member and administrative colleague and as such enter the hall near the end of the crowd, and miss out on getting a seat. I wore 3″ heels today. …ow. The governor is a natural podium speaker, and his message is clear: we need jobs, we need them upstate, and competition is a proven way to produce good ideas. Okay. Let’s do this thing.

4:20: Back to my office, talk briefly with the reference coordinator about switching my reference desk shift come fall, and finish this post. Check my email. Start closing tabs on Firefox, looking over all the things I thought were interesting enough to open in a new tab but which I hadn’t had a chance to look at yet, today. Schedule and then put together a draft agenda for the library staff retreat in late August, and think a bit about my goals for that morning-long event.

4:54:  Read Colleen’s latest blog post, burst out laughing. Decided that was a good note on which to end my day.

Tonight, the plan is dinner and a movie. I’m going to suggest the restaurant that includes that white wine I like (there is only one) and Bananas Foster for dessert. The movie is Transformers, before it flees our small local theater.


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