First day of classes

If you sit back and consider what it means to have thousands of people show up on campus on the same day, you can think about each office and imagine what they’re working on as the wave hits.  Student accounts and financial aid are processing money and managing frantic students. Food service is getting staff back into the swing of the workload and adjusting to any changes in demand or services. Student Life is doing last minute work on Welcome Back events and making sure the dorms and dorm staff are all they way they need to be.  Computing is troubleshooting new installs under the sudden load of the semester. Faculty are finishing syllabi and holding first classes.

But do you know what libraries are doing?

Worrying about the printers.

That’s the reality of the modern academic library: we worry about the printers. A lot. With good reason.  Forever and ever amen.

As I watch syllabi, course schedules, faculty instructions, and initial readings spew out of the printer, all I can do is quietly chant pleaseholdup pleaseholdup pleaseholdup pleaseholdup please. hold. up.

Printers, man. Printers.


  1. Our Head of Reference just came in to talk to me about our reference area printer dying, today, on the second day of classes, of course. So I read your post aloud. *shakes fist*


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