My comment policy

It had to happen eventually: I am writing this for the record for this blog. I reserve the right to delete comments that I feel are inappropriate. I don’t mean comments that disagree with me; debate is healthy, and discussion is good, and I will never intentionally stifle dissenting points of view presented civilly and in the spirit of debate. But spam will be deleted, as will vitriol, attacks, bullying, and general assholery.

If you’d like to see why I maintain this policy, here’s an example, unedited:

I hate people like you. You have a job and you sit there and hate me for trying to get one. Fuck you, you make the world darker by not giving people a chance. You’re a terrible person who has the power to make someone’s day but you just say my way or the highway. I’m glad you got your little bit of power in this world and you use it to crush more souls. Fuck off.

As you  might guess, that came from the cover letter post. I don’t take it personally. While I’m sorry that some anonymous soul in Birmingham, Alabama is having a soul-crushing experience on the job hunt, I am not obligated to accept those kinds of insults in a space I call my own, nor does someone else’s blind rage cause me to suddenly rethink my carefully considered professional opinions. I’m wise enough to know that this is an example of someone who is hurt and looking for a way to lash out at the injustice they perceive, but… no. Just no. That is not my responsibility, nor my burden to bear. This kind of “discourse” adds nothing to any discussion here, and I see no reason to let it stand.  Anything similar will be deleted, and this post serves as notice of that policy.


  1. Well, that certainly was an elegant response. I have some empathy for the soul-crushing mire that is looking for work, but I’m afraid my response would have been along the lines of:

    Gentle Reader,
    Please die in a fire.
    Hugs and kisses,

    We’ve all been frustrated and I applaud you for your ability to keep it at a distance. Kudos to you for recognized that you don’t deserve to the be the target of rude people’s ire.



  2. I’m always stunned when people out on the job hunt say things like this in a public, online forum. Admittedly, perhaps this person did it anonymously, but how is that kind of rage going to help you in that situation.

    You’re amazing for not taking it personally. I probably would have.


  3. Well, I am heartily embarrassed on behalf of my hometown. Please accept our apologies and believe that not all of us are so hatefully inclined.


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