Up to my eyebrows in information

I am up to my eyebrows in information. I know more about these libraries than makes sense to know… unless you’re the Director. (Hey! Look!) Some tidbits:

From the Annual Report for 2010-2011:

Building use

Library staff move through our facilities multiple times each day, counting the number of users in each unique building space.  We tally these counts to get a snapshot sense of building use at specific times of day, in specific places, and during different parts of the semester, though we acknowledge the data does not include every user of our facilities.

Crumb Library: 154,122 users.  2009-2010: 146,595 users.
Crumb’s use was 105% of last year’s count. Our busiest times remain between 10 am and 9 pm, with a steadily growing group of users between 11pm and  1 am.

Crane Library: 37,332 users  2009-2010: 28,470 users.

The recently renovated Crane Library saw use that was  130% of last year’s count. Crane users continue to show a marked preference for study areas with computers (approximately 21,000 uses), but the study area near the western windows is growing in popularity, with nearly 8,000 counted uses.

Crumb computers:  28,702, plus an increase of 9000 users over last year in periodicals area, where we distributed group study computers.  2009-2010: 29,317 users at our computers.

I also wrote the inaugural Faculty Newsletter, including:

[re: our annual satisfaction survey]  90% of respondents indicated that the helpfulness and/or friendliness of staff is Very or Somewhat Important, and 90% of respondents indicated that they are Very or Mostly Satisfied with the helpfulness and/or friendliness of the College Libraries’ staff.

And I’m turning a bunch of data into a report to share with the Student Government President:

  • 90% of students who want a 24/7 study space want a “quiet place to study”; 83% want computers.
  • Sophomores, Seniors, and Graduate Students want 24/7 study more than Freshman or Juniors.
  • There is no significant difference in desire for a 24/7 space between the genders.

And this isn’t data, but rather the banners celebrating the 125th anniversary of the Crane School of Music — but I like that they’re hanging on my library. It’s a good message.




  1. those banners look pretty good, it was tough picturing them during the planning. Make sure you post the library specific banners once they go up. Oh yeah, the use numbers look good too!


  2. Are you looking into the feasibility of the 24/7 option? Shortly before I started here, my library went to a 24/5 schedule. We open on Sunday and close on Friday evening, with some Saturday hours, based on studies that showed that students seem to want to be somewhere other than the library at midnight on Friday nights! We’re able to tell them that any time there is class the next day, we’re open all night, so there are no excuses for not getting that paper done! I don’t know the figures right now, but it seems to be a pretty popular option on school nights.


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