Yes. That.

This is why we do displays in the library.

It’s no secret to my friends that I despise the Twilight books, purveyors of the blankest of blank of female “heroines”. I’m forever pointing to these two tshirts as my talking points:



So when I stopped at our banned books week display in the lobby and read the comments pinned to it, I cackled with glee at the one pinned to the photo of the Twilight cover.

“Set the feminist movement back so far that on Election Day I had to make them a sandwich before they’d let me vote.”

Amen, sister. But just because it’s dangerous crap doesn’t mean we should ban it. We should just encourage thoughtful, critical debate about it.

And the book with the most comments on the board? And Tango Makes Three.


  1. I posted some bad pics to Flickr. To sum up and transcribe,

    “One of the best books on diverse families – saddens me that so many children don’t get to hear it.”
    “And Tango Makes Three is one of the best childrens books I’ve ever read. Read it and you will not be disappointed by its sweet message!”
    “These are all wonderful books if anyone has the chance to read them.”
    “Love And Tango Makes Three. Of course, I can see why, but I’m glad there are books like this rather than ignoring the topic.”

    But lest you think they’re all optimistic and unjaded, the one that’s too tiny to read says “The themes of these books are all predictable. Honestly, nothing special, look at what society tells us. I see no point in either banning or not banning these books.”

    And then there’s these. The comments on the BEST SERIES EVAR post make me giggle.


  2. I took my 6- and 8-year-old daughters to the aquarium last weekend. When we hit the penguin house, my six-year-old asked me if Tango was there.


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