New Zealand, New Zealand

For the last ten days I’ve been in New Zealand — still am. And today, I did this:

The last keynote speech at LIANZA 2011.  A bit of a professional landmark (she says, diffidently).

Totally terrifying.

Brilliantly fun.

I will post the slides with my speaker’s notes in essay form when I’m back home with reliable internet access and some brainspace to think and write.

But for now, I’ll say: New Zealand is gorgeous. Its people are friendly, kind, and clever, its cities lovely, humane, and filled with life. And the librarians here are a community I’m thrilled to be an honorary part of.

Thanks, all, for everything.


  1. Glad you’re enjoying your time in NZ and welcome! Hope the conference has gone well and given I haven’t made it to LIANZA conference it would be great to read your speaker’s notes. Have a safe trip home!


  2. Your closing keynote @ LIANZA 2011 made a huge impact on me, and several other “young” librarians in the audience. Eloquent. Direct. Inpsiring. We’ve come away fizzing with new ideas of climbing our hills, making plans, and finding our people to help us on the journey. Thanks for making the trip to Wellington.


  3. Completely Agree with MJ. You were fantastic. The best part of the conference. Cant wait for you to put up your slides and essay. Thank you for your message and advocating for librarians to look after and mentor ‘young’ librarians like me who are trying to find their mountains to climb.


  4. Thank you, Jennica, for visiting New Zealand and agreeing to be a keynote speaker at conference. You touched a chord with me and I have constantly been telling people :”what’s the worst that can happen?”! I look forward to reading your notes and watching the slides again! Glad you are enjoying this lovely country.


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