Library Day in the Life: #libday8, Day 0

So, Library Day in the Life starts tomorrow, but my workweek started today, so I’m starting with Day 0.

I took Thursday and Friday of last week as vacation days because I have a longstanding tradition of not working on my birthday (Thursday), and it seemed silly to go to work on Friday, right? Right. Except I have a huge pile of work that needs doing, so I’m working on Sunday afternoon. I slept in, got up, made cinnamon rolls and talked to Justin for a while, then settled onto the office loveseat with my laptop and a pile of work. I had intended to go to campus to work in my office today, but I’ve got a major muscle-tension-and-sinus headache, so this is far more comfortable. And closer to the Sudafed and Excedrin.

11:45-12:15: Read library blogs, posted on Facebook and Twitter about opposing the Research Works Act, and dealt with some personal online stuff.

12:15-12:45: Wrote a blog post about and thought about our upcoming renovation project.

12:45: Started this post, then sorted through my inbox, deleting 4 days of junk mail and dealing with things that looked urgent. Got it down to 40 messages to deal with tomorrow morning.

1:15: Opened the word document for the libraries’ appendix to Anthropology Department’s self-study, as well as the data sheets on money spent, collection use, and information literacy for Anthro, gathered and sent to me by two of our librarians. My job is to synthesize that into a report, but fortunately Carol already wrote the Info Lit piece from her perspective as coordinator of the area, and I have a template I can use to build the collections and use section. The harder part is what I think of as the Official Narrative Assessment of the libraries’ support for a department, and the relationship between us.

2:00: Emailed finished document to the department chair and the librarians who helped write it. Opened ToodleDo online to figure out where to go next. Sent some emails so I could check things off the ToodleDo list.

2:30: Started work on a document redefining our circulation management group and its goals, based on feedback from the key stakeholders and my notes from a meeting with them. Argued with the 18 lb cat about how much space I get, and how much space he gets. (Oh, the perils of working from home.)

3:45: Send draft of Circ document to appropriate staff. Begin drafting faculty email re: weeding project.

4:00-4:30ish: Call it a day, and send draft faculty email to librarians. I have home stuff to do — laundry, meal prep for the week, dinner… Skyrim…

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