Library day in the life: #libday8, Day 1

Happy Monday!

I had a rough Sunday, on the pain front, so I set my alarm for 7:30, a full hour later than usual, anticipating that I would sleep poorly. I was right, and struggled out of bed, tired and sore, around 8. Shower, breakfast, dress, and go, with a travel mug of coffee, lunch, dinner, and a gym bag in tow.

9:30: Arrive work. Say good morning to Angie, hook up the laptop, plug the iPad in to charge, set up a Genius mix based on The Decemberists’ “Don’t Carry It All”. Open my mail. Fill out a travel form for ALA. Confirm that I have a meeting-free morning, extending until my meeting with the Provost at 1. Start this post, and drink my coffee:

10:00: Begin processing email: read, reply, study attachments, do tasks involved in messages.

10:50: Email is done, including reading a lengthy report about shared services between Potsdam and Canton, a draft proposal on updating our microfilm scanner hardware and software, a few data requests from campus offices, and replies to draft documents submitted to staff for feedback. Took a break to fill my water bottle, stopped to talk to five different staff members on my way back about circulation issues and policies, departmental liaison work, search committee stuff, more search committee stuff, and a scheduled TV interview our retired archivist is doing regarding our new campus history book.

11:30: Sit back down and do more email, then take a quick look at the three books that arrived today: Decision-Making in the Absence of Certainty, Managing Your Library Construction Project, and Checklist Of Library Building Design Considerations. Do a bit of online research about renovations, and start bookmarking links in delicious for later research and review.

12:05: Oh, hey, lunchtime. Eat at my desk, reviewing my notes and prepping for my meeting with the Provost at 1. Check in on the personal side of the internet, make a bunch of notes about music suggestions (thanks, internets!), and admire some couture from the SAG awards last night.

12:50: Get my coat and my iPad and head to the admin building for my meeting. After the meeting, stopped in Purchasing to talk about a vendor issue, and stopped in HR to pick up a W-4 and thank the secretary for her help with our new job posting. On the way back saw a student navigating our least-ADA-compliant building in a big powered chair, and re-resolved to fix this library’s issues.

2:00: Back in my office. Check my email, then project work. Interrupted by a phone call from the campus architect to discuss re-doing our loading dock. I promise to gather info and reply in a few days. Back to projects (which include Academic Affairs Assessment data for the Provost, working on this semester’s liaison luncheon on Friday, a staff performance plan for 2012, and a user appeal of fees).

4:00: Afternoon break to surf the internet, where I ran into the gem of a librarian stating that it’s ok not to understand copyright because it’s not librarians’ job to enforce copyright. The online discussion from the sympathetic and not-clueless was essentially: Ignorance just makes you look ignorant, and is not actually an excuse for not understanding a core legal tenet surrounding virtually all the work we do as librarians.

4:15: Begin work on orientation info for incoming new librarian. Libraries stuff, org chart, strategic plan, potential project list, etc.

4:30: Realize I’m starving, break to reheat my dinner in the cafe, eat it at my desk while reading some of the Oct. 2011 Project Information Literacy report on students and tech.

4:45: Back at the orientation stuff. Print some things, get distracted by some other documents on my desk that I meant to read and review. Read and review.

5:50: Call it, and start shutting down for the day. Leave my office to head to my on-campus Tai Chi class at 6:30.



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