Library Day In The Life: #libday8, Day 2

When we last saw our intrepid heroine, she was heading off to Tai Chi. And then I went home, chatted with my boyfriend for a  while, then gave myself a manicure. I was going to read Empire State (or maybe A Little Night Magic) while my fingernails dried, but I ended up working instead, as there was a new copy of the Middle States self-study in my inbox, and some interesting and challenging discussion happening on Facebook about the campus’s Facilities Master Plan, and it seemed appropriate to share what I know with the community rather than let the community get riled up at the College over what was generally a lack of context.

So I went to bed around midnight, and I didn’t do a word of leisure reading. My Goodreads count would go up a lot if I could count things like Middle States self-studies.

That said, I have another easy day today, so I took a late morning. Up at 8:30, hair, makeup, dress, breakfast. Since I have no f2f meetings today (blessings!) I allow myself to wear jeans, tshirt, sweater shrug, and knee-high boots instead of work clothes. I was on-campus by 9:30, and started my day by buying my parking stickers for the year over at the campus Police station. Then to the Library.

10:00: Talk with Keith over building issues. Monitor mounts being installed in a study room, my (giant) new whiteboard has arrived, the ADA door opener is broken, etc. Print out the Middle States report for a finer edit than I did on the iPad last night, and while all 81 pages are churning out, take a few minutes to download some photos from my camera and upload to Flickr. Campus was picturesque in the snow this morning. Triage my email. Read, reply, repeat. Do some calendar maintenance.

10:20: Settle in to read and comment on the self-study, with document, pen, and sticky flags. Drink my breakfast smoothie.

10:30: Spend 5 minutes distracted by video and photo and blog posts on the Amanda Palmer/Dresden Dolls ninja gig hosted by Auckland Libraries. Amazing. That’s what a library can be when it’s engaged with its community and willing to take a few risks: A vibrant place that has meaning for its users and challenges expectations, all additive to not diminishing of its core mission. Bravo to Corin for making it happen, and to Alison and her team for letting it. Inspiring, in the good challenging way. (Damn, but I met cool people in NZ.)

10:35: Back to Middle States.

11:45: Finish reading all 81 pages (which was easier when I read draft 0, which was before this draft 1, because then it was fresh. Now it’s a repeat, and harder to read for changes), and send an email to the library staff linking to the report and detailing the pages on which the Libraries, information literacy, or libraries staff are mentioned. Send an email to the co-chairs writing the report with a few suggestions for polishing the draft.

11:55: While I’m doing some calendar maintenance, Justin stops by and I give him the parking sticker for his car so I can drive whichever of our vehicles is convenient on days when that’s relevant. Clean up my email, again, and check in on Twitter, FF, and FB. Argue some more about why copyright is relevant to all librarians, even catalogers, and why we must understand it, even if we don’t believe in it or want to enforce it, or, in fact, interact with users in our work as librarians. I refuse to back down on this: Understanding information policy is key to understanding the roles, rights, and possibilities of libraries in the modern information age.

12:10: Grab my coat and walk to the art building to meet Amy (a friend who is one of our painting faculty) for lunch in the dining hall. I love our dining hall. Stirfried shrimp and veg, to order, with peanut sauce.

1:30: Back in my office. Email triage, talk to Keith about a building issue, then back to email again. Then Keith again, this time with a tour of several of the things we’ve been talking about and doing – staring at our loading dock and brainstorming, pondering with wonderment the positioning of our handicapped-accessible door-opener paddles (one is in a stairwell?!), and looking at the in-progress installation of the 55″ monitor that’s going to turn our seminar room into a really useful seminar room.

2:00: Bathroom break and fill my water bottle. Realize I have a headache; take some Advil.

2:15: Oh, look, email. Including a request from a staff member (who I suspect does this to 1) make me smile and, more entertainingly, 2) see how far I’ll go) for a fireman’s pole between his office and his service desk.

2:30: Looking at the fall service desk and building use stats in LibAnalytics. Such a lovely tool. Everything looks normal in terms of volume, the new tech help desk numbers grew each month (presumably as people learned about it), and I can move into second semester with no worries.

2:40: Thinking about the ACRL stats that need doing this spring, and log in to the ACRL stats website so I can brace myself for the horror appropriately. Oh, look, it comes with 22 pages of .pdf worksheets, FAQs, and instructions. *weeps quietly*

2:45: Riding my LibAnalytics high and pretending ACRL stats never crossed my mind, I poke around with LibCal from Springshare, as well. If we’re getting the new seminar room up and running, it may be time to take room booking seriously.

3:20: That’s pretty damn cool, that’s what that is. I add it to the list of things to discuss with the public service staff and schedule a meeting. Now it’s time for a SUNY Council of Library Directors Executive Board conference call, though.

4:30: Call done. Go for a short wander around the library to bring my focus back where it needs to be after the all-riled-up-ness of dealing with system-wide multi-library issues. Also send an email in an effort to find a local source of Girl Scout cookies.

4:40: Email. Brief break to surf the web. Couture and cattiness call to me

5:00: Now, budget stuff: I need to make sure I’m confident about where our expenditures budget is for the year. I know where it should be, and I know where I hope it is… is it there? Made note of a few clarification questions for Angie about in-progress stuff.

5:10: Sit down with my to-do list to re-prioritize and re-organize my projects. Schedule a few meetings to discuss projects.

5:30: Set and email agenda for next week’s meeting of the faculty committee — Teaching and Learning Technology Roundtable — that I co-chair.

5:45: Since it’s OMG ACRL day, I go for round two of submitting ACRL proposals. Round one ended in early December with me rage-quitting over an epic fail on the part of the technology behind the submission forms. This should occupy all the time until Justin gets out of class at 7 and comes to retrieve me for dinner. We have grand plans of chinese takeout and Hulu tonight.


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