Library Day In The Life: #libday8, Day 3

Slept late again today, a luxury that’s about to end. Shower, hair, makeup, dress (put away laundry), breakfast, pack lunch and dinner (put away dishes), pack a gym bag (create more laundry), and then off to the Post Office to mail a package to one of my aunts in Illinois. I was in my office by 9.

9:00: Good morning to Angie, got answers to yesterday’s budget questions. Checked my email, checked my calendar. Juuuuust in time to see a note about today’s…

9:05: Fire drill.

9:15: Okay, where was I? Get online, approve timesheets for January. Put in the bones of this post based on my calendar for today. Talked with the retiring archivist for a bit. Prepped for staff meeting.

10:00: Monthly staff meeting, at which I give updates, discuss projects, share information learned in administrative meeting, and take questions. And then we had librarian-provided cake and cupcakes and homemade jam and whipped cream in a can for our monthly coffee break.

11:00: Diversity in Action Coalition meeting in the student union. Volunteered the library lobby to run a new campus diversity video — recounting student experiences of racism and student opinions on what an ideally diverse campus is — in a display during Black History Month.

12:10: Back in the library, brainstormed briefly with Keith on how to do said display. Email.

12:30: Bathroom break (I swear, it shouldn’t be this hard to find time to pee). Popped some Sudafed and Excedrin. Ate my lunch, and prepped for my afternoon meeting, which is…

1:00: Discuss the future of the periodicals collection in Crumb Library, inclusive of our philosophical stand on a browsing collection of current titles, how current issues are housed, and how and where bound runs are shelved. Turned into a very interesting and animated discussion of services, collections, hopes and fears, and goals. I took lots — LOTS — of notes, all of which are fodder for planning our future facilities use and funding allocations.

2:00: Open door office time. Afternoon snack-internets-and-catchup break. Chronicle, Facebook, my Google Reader, reading up on the latest re: Harvard, Elsevier, the Research Works Act, Library Boing Boing, what my friends are doing. Talked to 2 drop-in staff members about things they’re working on. Attacked my email. Answered EBSCO survey on library trends for the year.

3:45: Oh, hell, how is it possibly 3:45? Pulled out iPad, loaded ToodleDo, and looked for what I was supposed to do today. Emailed the library director at SUNY Canton. Emailed the head of the SUNY Center for Professional Development about helping to develop a leadership institute or certificate or thing for mid-career librarians. Investigated HERS, as a related topic. Emailed boss about same. Replied to emails that have arrived since I started emailing (*headdesk*). Reorganized to-do list. Again. Time slippage FTL.

4:20: Began redrafting the email to faculty about upcoming our weeding project.

4:30: Took a phone call from another SUNY director to discuss a task force we’ve both agreed to be on in re: the American Chemical Society.

4:45: Walked back to Collection Building to talk to Marianne about the work the C4D has done on ACS, and to strategize based on her work in that group. Got back to my office, mocked up a Google Form, and shot an email to some stakeholders with suggestions. Reached out to my online network looking for similar groups in other states to engage on the topic.

5:30: Break for dinner, finish weeding email draft while I eat, and post this.

6:00: Wrap up, and pack up laptop and notes for faculty liaison’s  luncheon on Friday, as I’m going to need to work on that tonight. Head over to 6:30 Tai Chi class, glad for the chance to get some stress worked out of my body.

When I get home at 8, I will check in with the cats and the man, and then sit down to craft my talking points and a fast presentation for Friday’s luncheon, along with several directed questions for each talking point to facilitate discussion as needed. Gotta get this done in plenty of time, and I don’t trust tomorrow’s schedule to allow me to do it.

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