Library Day In The Life: #libday8, Day 4

Yesterday ended at midnight, much of my night spent working on the faculty outreach stuff about our weeding project. I was crunching numbers from spreadsheets, working on draft documents, and writing newsletters, luncheon talks, and big blast emails.

And then I crawled out of bed at 6:30, shower hair makeup dress (boots, leggings, sweaterdress), and out the door. Bought coffee at the cafe and was treated to a cinnamon raisin bagel at my 8:00 meeting. (Take note: providing breakfast makes 8:00 meetings far more humane.)

8:00: Campus General Education committee meeting. Information Literacy was not on the formal agenda, but it’s always on the inherent agenda and so came up. Which is why I always go when I can.

8:45: Dropped off some paperwork in Human Resources, then stopped to chat with two faculty members in the cafe on my way out. Mostly talked about gaming and other geektastic hobbies, but I still call it an outreach activity. I’m building goodwill, or something.

9:00: Into the library. Check in with Angie, look at my mail, triage my email, approve timesheets, sign stuff, reconfirm today’s calendar, start this post.

9:30: Training session from head of campus IT on using Banner, the campus student accounts software. The session is largely for our circ staff who deal with library fees, but I’m attending in order to expand my understanding of our work as a whole. And Andy went beyond simple training into “and here’s what Jenica and I brainstormed about how to improve your fee collection processes”, thus saving me a bit of time at our next meeting, which was…

10:30: Talking with circulation staff about what we just learned, and the potential changes we can make to how we deal with student fees. Charged the Circulation Group with following up with the operational questions we raised.

11:00: Back in my office. Doing… stuff. Which, not surprisingly, involves email. I eat a handful of almonds while I deal with my inbox. Go to Cataloging to refill my water bottle, and check out what the students in the Reference area are doing as I walk through, considering the unexpected ways they use our spaces. More project work, including finalizing the stuff I was working on at midnight as much as possible, because I never really trust work done at midnight.

11:20: Survey my desk and put a new note on the whiteboard, this time, not an affirmation but an order. Break for personal work. Paid the car insurance, and then went on a tax-refund-funded iTunes shopping spree based on the week’s music recommendations. Mumford & Sons, The Black Keys, Lana Del Rey, and Imelda May. That should entertain me for a while. Used my webcam to put on lipgloss, snapped a picture for y’all. Read some blogs while I ate my yogurt for lunch.

12:05: Back to work. More work on the faculty email re: weeding, and reviewed my presentation for the luncheon tomorrow and saved it in multiple formats. Emailed several members of Academic Affairs with a question about campus policy re: reusing student work, and was affirmed in the Libraries’ belief and policy that student work is intellectual property just like any other. Email.

1:00: Research desk for 2 hours. Refined and tidied the weeding libguide I built last night. Finished the faculty email draft (FINALLY). Answered a few research questions, watched students move through the space. Pondered. Set up BaseCamp project for shared services discussions with the director at SUNY Canton. Collaborative workspaces FTW.

3:00: Back to my desk, email. Expanded my idea for our Black History Month display at the request of the Black Student Alliance president — he wants to hang banners in the library featuring prominent quotes or portraits. Let’s see what we can do… Email. Email. Scheduled things. Email.

3:30: Read the Anthropology Department’s self study report in anticipation of a meeting on Monday. Am (again) amazed by the level of commitment our teaching faculty display to quality undergraduate education. Email.

4:00: Head home; we have friends coming over tonight for our weekly gaming night, and I need to run some errands before they show up. And tonight the laptop stays here. No working on gaming night.

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