Library Day In the Life: #libday8, Day 5

Hi.Β  It’s Friday.

Now that we’re all glowing with joy…

Up at 7:30, to work by 9. Justin made me coffee, and I put on a black suit and then took off the suit jacket and replaced it with a black sweater, because, ugh, I don’t want to wear a suit today. Too tired for that much formality. Black heels, dress pants, and sweater, purple shell underneath. Nametag, today.

I am more tired than I look. Which is, I guess, good.

9:00: Hi to Angie, sign things, email, check online news, check Facebook and the Twitters and the lot.

9:30: Confirm that the Libraries’ loaner staff projector has all its cables and that my MacBook dongle works with it; test it out and set up my laptop to not show a bunch of the crap it usually does. Notice iPad is at 23%; set it up to charge. Discuss complexities of campus shipping with Angie, send a few emails.

10:00: Let’s finish the libraries’ spring newsletter, shall we? Or try, anyway.

11:00: Got to 75% on the newsletter. Make a pre-event bathroom pitstop, check hair and face and straighten clothes, then pack up my tech and go to Thatcher Hall to set up for the luncheon.

11:30: Set up my projector, laptop, and presentation, then eat quickly as catering staff set up the food and before faculty begin arriving. Chat with arriving faculty, Dean, and Provost.

12:00: Welcome our guests, begin my presentation to the departmental liaisons on our new reserve-able limited-projection seminar room, our new website, and our upcoming weeding project. Take questions and foster discussion, and most of all, listen to the feedback. My favorite question: “How long is this new website going to last? Should I begin trying to love it, or just wait?” I suggested that the bones are fixed for a while — we may re-skin here and there, but the architecture is solid. Feel free to learn to love it. πŸ™‚ Lots of expectable and thoughtful questions about the weeding process and how we might tweak my proposal to better suit faculty needs. Gathered some ideas, explained why we’d already rejected a few others, and generally felt as though our message was heard. We work with good folks.

1:10: Back in my office, laptop back on my desk. Oh, look, 21 emails arrived in the last 2 hours. *headdesk* Take call from furniture vendor about my incoming office furniture, talk with Keith about the loading dock, deal with some procedural budget stuff with Angie, and then head out again…

2:00 Medical appointment. Dr. Roy is technically a chiropractor, but he does full bodywork — less “crack, pop, fixed” and more “oh, you’ve got a muscle spasming here, so let’s loosen that with pressure and stretching. Ok, so now where does it hurt? Let’s see what we can do for that.” He eased the ache in my foot, my knee, my hip, my mid-back, and my shoulder. And he also reminded me, kindly but laughing at me, that I should stop crossing my legs when I sit, stop sitting with my foot tucked under me (which hyperextends my knee), and stop wearing heels. I defended today’s 3″ heels with “I had an event to host!”, though, really, he’s right.

3:00: Back to the library, pick up my ILL (Nielsen’s Reinventing Discovery) then back to my office. Oh, look, 16 emails since I left. Put on the first of my iTunes mixes I could find featuring Rilo Kiley’s Silver Lining, and get to work. Talk to Keith briefly about operations stuff.Β  Email.

3:30: Get to work on finishing the faculty newsletter.

4:20: Realize I am accomplishing precisely nothing, just rearranging text and staring at the Word file, and after one lass pass at the email, declare this day over. Leave by 5ish.

And so that is a week in my worklife, and a relatively typical one, though I often come in earlier than I did this week, because I had fewer meetings than usual. Including my logged Sunday hours and minus my lunch/dinner breaks, it’s about a 45 hour week on campus, plus another 5-10 hours of evening work. And that’s the low end of average for my semester schedule. It’s also very likely that I’ll be working on Sunday again this weekend, because I do need and want to finish the newsletter, clean up my orientation info for our new librarian who arrives Monday, work on the ACS-SCLD project, revise the circulation governance group draft, and make progress on the assessment documents I had hoped to finish this week (ha! Never even touched ’em). I know that when the idea of working during the weekend makes me feel calmer rather than more tense, it’s not a terrible idea. And trust me, I’ll indulge in some relaxation, as well. Everything in moderation… Happy Weekend, everyone!


  1. I hope you love that book as much as I do. πŸ™‚

    Re desktops: my students in database class send me Jings of their work, and one of the coolest things about that (aside from it being fast and easy to grade) is seeing their fun and gorgeous desktop art and photos.


  2. I was happy to share my desktop artwork — right now it’s a very cool forest photo from national geographic — but I did want to turn off all the notifiers and Things That Go Bing that are usually running. And throw the mess of desktop icons into my Desktop To Sort folder, which is sort of a black hole of I Never Sort This, but hey. It made the forest prettier. πŸ™‚


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