kind of creepy, dude.


This, right here? Is kind of creepy. Don’t send me messages like this.

Hi Jenica,

Just stopped by to say grrrrrreat picture and quote.

[male librarian]

See also: The Creepy Librarian Stalker Hypothesis.

I could get into the politics and assumptions of sending the above comment to a female librarian, and I could get into the fine line between flirting and communicating and creeping, but really, I’m not going to. Go read Sarah’s post. And treat me like a human being that you respect. Otherwise I’m gonna ban your ass.

The end.

One comment

  1. Corollary: If you favorite my photos on Flickr and you 1) have nothing of substance in your photostream and 2) have a favorites file full of photos which are so thematically similar I can only assume they are like porn to you and 3) you are not already my friend, acquaintance, or online buddy (and 1 and 2 can override this), then I will block your ass. Which is what I just spent several minutes doing. AGAIN.


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