all kinds of kinds

I came back from my annual March pilgrimage to the nation’s capital last Saturday night, and tomorrow, ten days later, I’m driving to Syracuse to get on two airplanes and go to San Diego. The rapid (for me) turnaround is because I’m giving the keynote at CARL on Friday morning. I spent most of last week working my ass off to make up for the week I took off, but now that it’s all imminent, I’ve got the same jitters I got in New Zealand — a combination of “of course I’ll be fine, I have a lot to say and I know how to say it and it’s important that it be said and people like it when I say it” and “oh, god, nothing I’ve ever thought or said is original and it’s just common sense and they’re going to think this was totally a waste of money”.

I figure both sides of my brain are right, and to quote the Miranda Lambert song currently wailing out of my MacBook’s speakers, “it takes all kinds of kinds.”

If you’re the kind of kind that thinks that listening to me verbally burning bridges and exhorting people to blow up their darlings is awesome, feel free to come listen to me talk. I’m doing it three times in the next few weeks; maybe one of these is your neck of the woods.

CARL 2012, San Diego, CA, April 6

WAAL 2012, Lake Geneva, WI, April 18

ABQLA 2012, Montreal, QC, May 3

They’re variations on a theme, these three. Miranda’s on shuffle, and so now she’s chanting “I wish I could be a little less dramatic, like Kennedy when Camelot went down in flames, leave it to me to be holding the matches when the fire trucks show up and there’s nobody else to blame.” Yep, that too. QUIETLY FREAKING OUT? NO NOT ME WHY DO YOU ASK SHUT UP. I very nearly just sent my CARL slides off to Kenley Neufeld… then realized I’d never gone in and taken out the unprintable slides that make reference to the things I intend to quote as counterpoint. They’re still the placeholders. I mentioned they’re unprintable, right? Yeah. That’s what I nearly sent off. The boyfriend is off at the movies so I can have a quiet house to work in, so how ’bout I finish those? I think I shall.

Whether I stand up in my dress and heels and crash and burn, or inspire y’all to light a fire… come join us. It’ll be entertaining, either way.


  1. Jenica, I am so wishing I could hear, see and meet you in Montreal next month. As I’ve gushed before, your blog is well named and you have ably succeeded at the task. Share your passion, and you’ll rock!


  2. I didn’t know you were coming to WAAL. Why didn’t I know you were coming to WAAL? Now I have to figure out how to get there.

    (If you haven’t been to Yerkes Observatory, see if you can take the side trip. Even just to marvel at the exterior.)


  3. Jenica, I am very much looking forward to hearing you speak at the ABQLA conference in Montreal. Yes, much of what you say is common sense but it is important that it be said. Although we have never met, much of what you say fits in many ways with what I am going through. 5 years ago I jumped off a cliff into a managerial post and have had to rely heavily on common sense and my gut feelings. When in doubt, I often refer back to some of your blog posts to realize that my gut decisions may not be so bad after all. I am finding out that here are no magic formulas. You just need to know your clientele & milieu, try to do the best you can and not to be afraid to admit that you are wrong. The important thing is to move forward and to not look back.
    So I am grateful that you share your passion. I know that you will do just fine.
    Merci et à bientôt.


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