snippet from CARL

My speaker’s notes from this one aren’t really very presentable in their raw form, and my actual job wants my time and attention, so it’ll take me longer than usual to post up the debrief on that presentation. But I typed this up for a friend to make her feel better, so since it’s already in text form, have a snippet:

Librarians, it’s not okay to be clueless about copyright anymore.
No, you may not post to a listserv that since something’s on the internet, it’s now public domain.
No, you may no longer think it’s ok that you’ve never looked at an ebook.
That you don’t really “get” apps.
Or Facebook.
Or why SOPA was such a big deal.
Or what all the fuss is about publishing these days.

That’s cluelessness, and it’s not okay. I don’t know why it ever was OK, but yeah. NO. Not anymore. It’s not okay anymore, and it won’t be again.


  1. I’ve had to explain to a librarian that just because something was on Flickr doesn’t mean that it can be used without attribution. In fact, legally it shouldn’t be used at all unless the license indicates that it can be used.

    The fact that people still do a Google Image search and then use the image however they want in “corporate” newsletters or the like is worrisome.

    I’m not even an advocate of copyright (I propose a maximum of five years, if any at all). But seeing as it exists, and seeing as libraries and institutions have to follow the law…

    Then again, I don’t really “get” Facebook, or iThings. (I do “get” apps. I run Ubuntu which inherits the absolutely wonderful Apt (apt-get etc.) from Debian. Apt has been around since 1998.)


  2. Thank you for this! We need more passionate people to advocate for librarian fierceness!
    This past summer I wrote an Op-Ed piece for the NYT how librarians should be more like Lady Gaga and less like Lady Bird Johnson (though she had her moments) basically, that we can’t stay stuck in our holiday themed sweater & bun wearing ways – Joyce Valenza also has written upon topic. Librarians of all types need to come together in one voice – We don’t care if you went to “library school ” and not “technology school” our practice has evolved – so evolve with it or get out.
    ~Gwyneth Jones
    The Daring Librarian


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