public voice

I’m tired of writing about vendors.

I’m tired of feeling like I need to write about vendors.

And so, despite the day I had yesterday, despite the tantalizing tweets that indicate to my followers that there’s a story there, I’m not going to write about vendors.

My next series of posts will by the synthesis of the three keynotes I did this spring on leadership in libraries, and I hope they come across well in writing, as they were well-received in person. I’m glad I waited to write any of them, because each iteration added something to my understanding of my topic. For example, one ABQLA attendee asked me “what is it you think librarians are most afraid of?” And I replied, “Getting yelled at.”

I’d note that I’m not afraid to get yelled at.  And so I will say one more thing right now about vendors:

I will email you when I choose to email you. I will call you when I choose to call you.  And I will write about you in public venues if and when I choose to, whether you like it or not, fully aware that my choices can have consequences. Deal with that. I have.

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