just calling to see if you got my email…

Cold calls from vendors are bad enough.

Cold calls from vendors that are a second call to ask if I saw the email she sent me are worse.

And even more so when it’s a cold call from a vendor asking if I saw the email she sent me, when I already replied to the email.

The final kicker is that I’ve already replied to the email — two weeks ago, after the first email — with a statement that until I heard better things about WMS from the librarians on the ground implementing it, I was not interested in learning more about the product from OCLC.

OCLC, is, apparently, not listening to me.

Guess I don’t have to listen to them, either.

There are a couple things at play here — I’m not just being snippy or intolerant.

First, I do hate cold calls, but more than that, I hate un-researched cold calls. Calling a SUNY library to talk about ILSs is foolish, as if you do any research into how SUNY libraries work, you’ll learn that we’re all on ALEPH because it’s a centrally managed, centrally-billed university-wide project. So, yes, if you want to educate me about WMS that’s one thing, but if you think I can or would actually just buy WMS independent of a SUNY-wide discussion, you’re sadly  mistaken. And so if you want me to think you’re not wasting my time, you need to bring SUNY into the loop as well, and indicate to me that you are doing so. I indicated all of this in my initial email reply to OCLC.

Second, I listen to my peers, and I don’t believe WMS is ready for my primetime. Given that word on the street, I’m very much not interested in engaging in a product sales pitch for something that won’t be a slam-dunk implementation. Word on the street is also that it’s gonna be a spectacular product in probably about 18 months — but just not yet. I expressed this to OCLC as well. She called back, obviously having not read, not understood, or not processed my reply.

And that’s thing Three. The sales rep clearly didn’t read my reply to her email. She cold-called me, emailed me, and cold-called me again, willing to spend her time and mine to talk about the product and try to sell me on a webinar to learn about it, but she didn’t have enough respect for me or my time to read the correspondence I sent her after she initiated contact. This does not speak to the qualities I seek in a business partner. So. No thank you.

Libraryland vendors: YOU CAN DO BETTER.

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