Daily grind

I bought a Mr. Coffee K-cup machine for my office. I’ve become a coffee person, and you know, when you’re a lazy coffee person, that gets expensive. But even I can manage “insert plastic thinger, pour in 8 ounces of water, push the On button”. So today’s daily grind was (from the 30-pack sampler I bought) Green Mountain Dark Magic. Not bad.

I met briefly this morning with a campus colleague who was on medical leave for a week, and we commiserated that sometimes you drop so many balls that you have no idea which ones are falling… you just know they are. It’s that point in the semester when I’m totally there. But it’s okay. I’ve reached a place of zen about it. I’ll just keep pushing at this stuff until it’s done, then I’ll tackle the next stuff. That’s just the daily grind.

So, coffee aside, the rest of my daily grind, ie, the projects ongoing around these parts are:

  • It’s our new Shared Services ILL Specialist’s first full week. I need to check in with him and with Michelle at SUNY Canton to see how it’s going.
  • I’m working with another staff member (and his supervisor) to adjust his schedule (from evenings to days) for the spring semester, with attendant changes in responsibility.
  • It’s our newest librarian’s first semester with us, and there’s a lot of conversation, thought, and directing involved in that.
  • I have a letter of recommendation to write for another librarian who is applying to go to Immersion.
  • We have an open clerical staff position, which we need to figure out, and I’m meeting with the supervisors to do that.
  • I want to request to reclassify one of my clerical positions, so I’m researching what that would mean.
  • I’ve asked the staff for feedback on a hiring wishlist for the Provost, given that we don’t have any open requests with her. (I believe in “never have an empty wishlist”.)
  • One employee is going through the first round of reappointment paperwork, and it’s my turn to write thoughtful things about staff accomplishments to send on to the Provost.
  • We’ve begun discussions on rewriting our Mission Statement in 2013, and are pondering, as a group, how we want to do that.
  • One librarian is about to go on sabbatical, so we’re doing planning for his absence.
  • We’re about to post ads to hire graduate assistant evening supervisors and adjunct evening reference staff.
  • It’s time to do a mid-semester check on budgets, building use data, service desk transaction rates, InfoLit tutorial traffic, and all the other small “how’s it going?” data we collect.
  • We’re sponsoring a lecture on Digital Humanities in a few weeks, and I need to be sure I’ve done my part re: publicity.
  • We’ve just ordered seven office suites of furniture for library staff, and are planning for three more plus public space furniture for the Crane Library.
  • I’m planning for next week’s staff meeting, pulling together data from some recent student surveys on attitude and engagement and from my own presentations this year to create something interesting and useful to the staff.
  • I need to develop and schedule training for BaseCamp for staff who are still unsure of using the tool for project management, and I need to develop an internal best practices document for BaseCamp so we’re all on the same page.
  • I need to check in with two different tech projects, one for helpdesk ticketing and one for internal online communication.
  • I have a giant pile of donor thank you notes that need writing. This week. No discussion.
  • I need to follow up with campus colleagues about getting a water dispenser that works in Crumb Library.
  • I need to follow up with the Student Government about 24/5 study hours during finals week, and the funding and organization thereof.
  • I’m working on a flyer for SUNY Canton’s library staff to use with their users, highlighting what SUNY Potsdam’s libraries can do for them.
  • And I’m three months late with my 2011-2012 self-evaluation and 2012-2013 performance program. (I think this ball might be under the couch, or possibly lost in a heat vent.)

And so. Among other things not for public consumption, that’s my to-do list, in a nutshell. Not a lot of deadlines, not a lot of concrete tasks, just a lot of Stuff To Do.

Fortunately, I have coffee.


  1. following up the post about librarians not wanting to transfer into library management…..hmmm this would probably explain it.


  2. Well, someone needs to do it if we want our libraries to get shit done. Wouldn’t you rather there were engaged librarians well-suited to administrative work ready to fill these roles, rather than reluctant ones ill-suited to it? I know I would.


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