a podcast and a webinar

(Subtitles that floated through my head: “and a bear, oh my!” and “hear my disembodied voice in your head” and “words that are abominations”. But enough of my quirk. Or not!)

Jenica and Corin

Late last week, I explored the joys of living in the future and spent my late afternoon talking via Skype to Corin Haines, for whom it was mid-morning tomorrow, and whom I met while I was in New Zealand in 2011 for LIANZA, and who graciously got up before dawn on a public holiday to go get the American speaker at the airport and show her around a bit. Turns out he really IS that nice, and incredibly interesting. So it was my pleasure not only to chat with him but also to record the inaugural episode of his new podcast, Library Chat. If you’d like to listen to us discussing professional development, organizational culture, and… stuff about libraries, here you go: Library Chat Podcasts on Itunes And stay tuned — he’s going to have some very interesting guests over the next few episodes.

WWWWC slideIf Corin’s charming accent isn’t enough to lure you in, maybe some visuals will be more your thing. Next week, on the 16th, I’m speaking as part of the Wild Wisconsin Winter Web Conference, pulled together by Jamie Matczak of the Nicolet Federated Library System with sponsorship from a dozenish of Wisconsin’s regional library networks. There’s a very cool lineup of speakers throughout the day, doing live webinars, all for free. Just sign up so you can get the correct GoToWebinar information, and listen your heart out. I’ll be talking about the benefits of focusing on why libraries do what we do instead of focusing on what libraries do — one opens your options and blurs your boundaries, while the other shuts them down inside closely defined edges. You can probably guess which one I’m more intrigued by.

So: Two opportunities to listen to my disembodied voice. Woohoo!


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