Why build resilience?

As part of my time at NLS6, I’ll be giving a workshop on resilience. I was asked to write a piece for discussion for the conference blog, and so I gladly did. I was my usual bluntly honest self, and admitted I’m figuring this one out as I go along…

Why resilience? Because the internet and its ubiquity changed the information landscape irrevocably, and libraries and librarians have entered a cycle of constant change as we learn what those changes mean for us. Because the jobs that some of us thought we’d have don’t exist anymore. Because it’s not going to slow down. And because, like death and taxes, change is inevitable. And as committed information professionals, we all want to be able to respond to change with grace, with fluidity, and with energy. Instead, many of us, and those we work with, respond to change with fear, with resistance, or with paralysis. We need less fear, in ourselves and in our libraries, and more resilience.

So for all of those reasons, I said YES! Except I’ve never delivered any formal content on resilience before. (Now what?)

Check out the rest over here, and if you’re in Australia, please consider joining us for the New Librarians Symposium workshop, where I believe we’ll be having an interesting discussion of change, resilience, and how to manage both.

I also answered a bunch of questions, sort of a written interview… so if you want more of me, go check it out.

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