Library Day in the Life: And administrator on a Wednesday

Bobbi Newman announced today that she’s shutting down and archiving the official wiki of “library day in the life”, as she thinks the project has reached its useful end as a centrally managed thing. To which I say I shall prove her point, because I really like doing #libday, and I’m going to do it whether there’s a thing or not. 🙂

So this week seems like as interesting as any… here we go.

7:00: First alarm goes off.

7:30: Second alarm goes off. Check email and attempt to wake up. Vow to exercise after work.

8:15: Wake up again, realize I’m fighting a muscle-relaxer hangover (I’m prescribed them for ongoing joint pain, and they help me sleep, but man do they keep me down some days), and force myself out of bed. Shower and dress; struggle with the challenge of wearing appropriate work clothes that make me feel confident and attractive and capable when it’s -12F outside. Opt for silk long underwear, wool dress pants, wool socks, loafers, long sleeved scoopneck shirt and suit jacket. Acceptable, if not as fun as the dress I wanted to wear. -12F, people! Eat breakfast, pack lunch, chat with Justin about our days.

9:40: Arrive work. Check in with secretary, check email, prep for 10:00 meeting.

10:00: College Libraries Coordinating Council meeting, at which librarians and library staff with responsibilities for planning discussed today’s agenda: initiating a new Pilot Project process, designed to conquer the communication and transparency needs of the staff. This is designed to handle the gray areas between “I think we should give out earplugs at the circ desk” (so go ahead, that’s just operational) and “let’s do graffiti on the walls during the arts festival” (which we should discuss, and probably move through our Bylaws-based decision process).

10:20: Back to my office. Email again, a little professional reading on blogs and the Chronicle. Start writing this. Get sucked into reading about, enrolling in, and poking around at OER 101: Locating, Creating, Licensing, and Utilizing OERs, the first of our Open SUNY MOOCs, and one librarians across SUNY have been working hard to launch. (Gah, acronyms. Kill them with fire.) (also: bias alert, I participated in a Google Hangout-turned-video that’s part of the section on Open Access.)

11:15: Prep for noon meeting, rereading the email that prompted it and making sure I have all the answers to the questions therein confidently memorized.

11:30: Lunch in my office. Cold pizza and Fieldrunners 2 on my iPad. (The game was on the iPad. Not the pizza.)

11:55: Walked across campus to meet our ILL Specialist at a noon meeting with Art Department faculty to discuss some problems they’ve encountered with students using ILL.

12:50: Back to my office. Work through some invoicing issues with the library secretary. Email email email. Pack up my office and leave campus to go to SUNY Canton to meet the Director of Library Services over there for a meeting with our dual-campus shared VP for Finance. We’re working on a cataloging project in which our staff would do their cataloging on a per-item transaction basis, and we’re doing our investigative legwork to see how that might function in our Shared Services environment. Answer: easily. Rock on.

3:00: After staying a bit longer to talk with the VP about a few financial and budget questions, drive home from Canton, and settle into my office at home around 3:30. Email email email for half an hour or so, then got down to work for the rest of the afternoon. Today’s agenda: IRB application as much as is possible, then CITI training so I can be the principal investigator on the Ithaka S+R survey I hope to run in a few weeks, and for which I need to get the IRB paperwork done ASAP.

6:30: Call it a day, change into exercise clothes, and head off into my evening. Tonight’s plan includes a light dinner, 20 minutes of strength training, and then an hour or two of work building handouts and slide decks for one of my workshops in Australia. My goal is In Bed By 10. I’ll report back tomorrow for Day 2. 🙂

One comment

  1. I actually really appreciate these posts. When I was a newly graduated MLS holder trying to get a job, they gave me hope and a connection to employed librarians in a way I could really relate to.
    Now, at my second year in a discouraging job, I still like reading them. It helps me remember that their are people who are as over-worked as me but still excited… Other librarians who collaborate and embrace new ideas but still have trouble waking up in the morning.


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