Library Day In The Life: Thursday, Thursday

My virtuous plans of working for a few hours last night turned into “play FieldRunners2 on the iPad and talk to Justin about life, the universe, and everything”. I was asleep by midnight, but just barely. Ah, well. Today’s another day…

7:00: Ignore first alarm.

7:45: Reluctantly get out of bed.

9:00: Stop at the Bagelry for my standard: Everything bagel, toasted, with jalapeno cream cheese. Arrive work 9:20. Deal with my email and triage my to-do list for today. Handle the details resulting from a staff member’s unexpected two day absence today and tomorrow, share info from yesterday’s meetings with my secretary, talk through another order/invoice issue with her. Take today’s daily photo.

10:05: Go get a double cappuccino from the library cafe on the way to my 10:00 meeting with the AVP for IT. Find out that he’s double-booked, and agree to walk with him as he goes to the other thing he’s supposed to be doing. We walk and talk, and I cheerfully add my peanut gallery commentary to two discussions about IT deployment in the student union. Back to his office for our 11:00 conference call, which, we both failed to note, had been cancelled in early January, so we instead sit down and go over all of the IT goals for the campus as a way of making sure I have a solid framework understanding of our shared work — related to libraries, to faculty technology, and to shared services.

1:00: Return to my office, eat a Kind almond and coconut bar and open a warm Diet Coke because I fail at putting things in the refrigerator. Consider my to-do list. Decide on:

  1. Deal with my email, both new and flagged messages. This included calling a faculty member about using our seminar room for his Honors history survey class, replying to another email about a departmental self-study and their need for stats on library support, and a dozen or so less interesting mundane things.
  2. Finish the faculty newsletter for spring 2013. Add all the content from librarians, and photos, and then send a finished draft off to my two best proofreaders.
  3. Make more coffee, and put Diet Coke in the fridge. (All to-do lists should have a few easy items on them.)
  4. Send email to Academic Program Committee (the deans and provost office staff) re: the demographics section of the Ithaka survey.
  5. Clean off my desk. I HATE a messy desk, and I’ve let it go on too long.
  6. Use my now clean-desk to prep the NCES and ACRL stats. Pretty sure I have most of the data I need, but I need to pull it all together and begin formalizing it for the surveys, and get it entered into my own longitudinal spreadsheet for the Libraries.

In the midst of all of that, I also ate an apple, screwed around on Facebook and Twitter for 15 minutes, played Fieldrunners2 for 15 minutes, watered my office plants, and chatted with my secretary about various and sundry details of running a facility — stuff like “how do we dispose of a broken fax machine?” and “should we call the furniture guy and ask for an extension on the loan of the chairs?” and “which office needed ceiling tiles?”. And then I spent half an hour talking with the librarian who is liaison to the Art Department about yesterday’s meeting about ILL, keeping her in the loop. We also talked about the WWF (the wrestling kind). It was totally relevant.

And around 6, I headed out to pick up Thai takeout, with a plan of going home, eating all the Pad Thai ever cooked, settling in to do what I was supposed to do last night for my Australia work, and doing tonight’s 20 minutes of strength training hell. I will be mighty!

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