Library Day In The Life: FRIDAY

So, last night I stayed up too late, but I did what I needed to do: exercised, worked on workshop content, and ate all the Pad Thai. In bed around midnight.

Which meant I (a woman who needs 8-10 hours of sleep to feel healthy) had a rough morning, following on several nights of not sleeping enough. I ignored all the alarms, then finally got up, showered, and got dressed. My rule is that the Director of Libraries gets to wear jeans on Fridays during the school year, so sweater/jeans/Danskos it is. Of course, no one but me really cares what I wear, or when, but I try to play my part appropriately most of the time… and I wear jeans on Fridays. Then, since neither Justin nor I have made it to the grocery store to do comprehensive shopping (beyond “we’re out of milk and bananas”) in what seems like weeks, I stopped for a bagel again. I usually do that twice a month, or so, and I’ve now done it twice in 2 days. Oops.

9:30: Arrive at my office. Hook up my laptop, get a cold Diet Coke (thank you, yesterday’s to-do list!), and sign a few invoices waiting for me. Chat with Angie about work and non-work stuff. Sit down at my desk, sort my mail, plug in my iPad to charge, and start digging through my email. Approve a few timesheets online, and update my own. Check over my calendar for today and next week to make sure I’m thinking clearly about any looming deadlines. Make a plan for my day.

10:30: Start on the to-do list for today:

  1. Post and official-ize the pilot project stuff from Wednesday.
  2. Draft a plan for and communicate to staff about our cloud storage reorganization this spring. (Our shared drives are out of control.)
  3. Eat something at lunchtime-ish.
  4. Finish everything that’s finishable on the IRB app and, if possible send it off. (got partway done. so… close…)
  5. If there is still time, work on the ACRL/NCES stats.

I got 1 and 2 done with little hassle, and then got derailed into handling some personnel details about timesheets and reappointment processes, stepping in to triage a printing problem and talk to campus IT since our in-house IT guy is out sick today, sending a few tickets to our in-house IT and web staff about two VPN problems I had last night, and beating my head against the wall trying to make sense out of our State and campus budgeting processes. All were straightened out to the best of our collective abilities in the moment, and I moved on to lunchtimeish. (Yogurt and Terra chips from the library cafe. Three cheers for the library cafe.) I also did a bunch on 4, and it’s really close to done, just waiting for some feedback. Monday, I hope? Monday is also the hope for … well, a bunch of stuff. I had a lot of (good, meaningful) interruptions this afternoon to discuss various and sundry library stuff. So not so much on the task work, but good on the “useful” front.

3:00: I am burning a few hours of vacation and getting out of here at 3ish today, because we’re driving down to Laurens, NY to visit some friends of ours for a joint birthday celebration (mine and our friend’s) and meet their infant son. And play some games. We haven’t decided yet if it’s our ongoing Burning Wheel campaign or something else, but we’ll have fun no matter what we do. Good friends work like that.

And so. I’ll be back with Monday and Tuesday on Monday and Tuesday. Happy weekend, y’all.

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