Library Day In The Life: Oh, dear god, Monday

Mondays are not my favorites. I very much reset my patterns over the weekend, because I very much don’t want to live every day of my life like it’s a weekday, and so it’s difficult to get back into the swing on Monday. Today I chose to prioritize getting an extra hour of sleep, working out, and prepping meals over getting to work “on time”. Also, it’s snowing: A winter weather advisory is in place, and we’ll have 4-6 fresh inches of snow by the end of the day.

10:00: Arrive campus to see a horde of students (well, maybe 30) walking en masse from the art building toward the library across the otherwise empty and snowy quad. Fire alarm! Come to the library! We have coffee and not-snowing-on-you! This also meant spending 5 minutes talking to my friend Amy, who runs our painting program, which was lovely. Dinner plans were made for later this week. Then I tackled my email, making my day’s to-do list, and figuring out my calendar for the day and week. Also, made a cup of coffee, because though I made breakfast and drank a lot of water post-workout, I hadn’t caffeinated.

11:10: Walk across campus (still snowing!) to a meeting in which I get to grill a job candidate in our campus budget office with questions about collegiality, accuracy, collaboration, and the gray area between State rules and campus needs. Follow it up with an impromptu 45 minute conversation with the head of our Physical Plant about the state of SUNY’s construction budget (ie, as of right now, based on Cuomo’s announced budget, there isn’t one) and what that means for potential renovations to our main library. In short, campus goodwill is strong. Budgets are weak. Reality will be somewhere in the middle.

12:30: Return to my office (still snowing!) and take 40 minutes to eat my lunch and check in on the personal side of the internet. Friendfeed, Facebook, my Gmail, and making a quick purchase on Amazon.

1:15: Focus on my to-do list.

  1. Send faculty newsletter to Provost for all-faculty email approval.
  2. Go through all flagged and new emails and either Do or Record on the running to-do list. This list includes some stuff about a departmental self-study, bicentennial tasks, emails re: a mess I accidentally created in Collection Development by deleting what I thought was an extraneous gmail account of mine, a possible new internship in ILL, and communicating re: the disposition of furniture leaving librarian offices after our new furniture was delivered earlier this month. Also: saving and flagging an email with login instructions for a NYLA webinar I purchased for us to watch later this week, scheduling myself to meet our new Technology Help Desk students tomorrow evening, doing the annual Violence in the Workplace training HR mandates (the answer to all questions, FYI, is always always always “safely call University Police”), talking via email with the librarians about a Filemaker database of early periodicals that campus computing really wants us to retire, communicating about next steps on our shared cataloging project with SUNY Canton, and more.
  3. Finish the IRB application and send off. (so…. close…. maybe by 6?)
  4. Sort current to-do tasks onto days in this week, and allocate time around existing meetings. (Done!)

I paused at 3 to write this. I was going to leave at 3:30, burning half a sick day, to go to a massage scheduled for 4, but my massage therapist and I decided the weather is terrible (still snowing!) and that postponing until next week was smarter, since she lives 10 miles out of town and would want to shovel the drive before I got there, and then I’d have to drive back in freezing rain, thus undoing all the good work of the massage… So I’m still here, working until about 6 before heading home for Productivity Round 2. Tonight the plan is to pay bills, call my mom, make dinner, and work on the last details for my workshops for Australia, and maybe do some finalizing of social and vacation plans for that trip. Since, y’know, we leave IN A WEEK OMFG.

Also, to bed early if I can manage it. Going to try.

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