Thank you, NLS6

Thank you, NLS6 — sponsors, organizers, volunteers, delegates — for one of the best weekends I’ve had in a my professional arena in a long time.

I wasn’t just buttering up the audience when I said you were a great bunch of people to interact with. I meant that. I will smile when I remember this conference.

I promised different folks different online stuff, and I will follow through. My list includes:

  • Slides and notes from the Leadership workshop
  • Slides and notes from the Resilience workshop
  • Slides and notes from the Keynote
  • A pulling-together of my posts on applying and interviewing for jobs

If I said I’d do something other than those, please remind me in the comments or via email, and I’ll add it to my list. However, please be patient: I’m not touching the list til I’m back in America, because I need both reliable broadband and the will to do work stuff. For the next 7 days, I’m on vacation with no Australian data plan, and I’m going to visit beaches and parks and islands and pretend that I don’t know much about libraries. I hope you’ll understand. 😀

One comment

  1. And thank you Jenica. For a number of things including possibly the best leadership workshop I have been to (and I’ve been sent to quite a few) but more importantly for coming and staying for the whole conference, for interacting enthusiastically with us all, and for not being a fly-in-fly-out keynote who talks the talk but never gives the delegates the opportunity to get to know you.


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