Courtney Young for ALA President

I have had my issues with the ALA over the years, but I am a member, in part because I believe you can only enact change in organizations and institutions from the inside.

One of the ways you do that is by voting, and this year, I’ll be voting for Courtney Young. I invite you to do the same.


Why? Well, I knew the minute I read her candidate statement in American Libraries:

This will not surprise anyone, but libraries have always been a part of my life. My earliest library memory is of participating in San Antonio Public Library’s summer reading program. I toted home and read bags full of books. That summer I learned that knowledge is power, and from that point on I was never without some form of library card. While the materials I read and the technologies I found there changed over time, libraries have been an anchor in my life. It was as a college sophomore working in the library with my first librarian mentor that my appreciation for libraries blossomed fully into a professional passion.

That passion found its home in the American Library Association. ALA membership has given me opportunities for collaboration and promotion of diversity, and the joy of welcoming library school students to the profession, and has complemented my daily work by giving me access to a world of peerless peers. Through my years of service, I have learned that ALA is not just a club but an organization that demonstrates its real value through relevance to its members and the communities where they live and practice. And now, I am prepared to continue my service as president of the American Library Association by advancing what I believe are the key relevant issues to all of us.

This is a voice that represents the kind of librarian I strive to be. This is a woman who speaks to me, and who I believe can speak for me. This is the kind of leadership I want to see for our profession. Andromeda Yelton highlights a few other reasons why Courtney is uniquely suited to this role at this time.

So. Please explore the information the candidates have put forward about themselves, and I hope that you too will believe that Courtney Young is the right choice for ALA President.

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