Sit down and start

Procrastination, man. We all have our demons, and this is one of mine. I’m highly productive and effective, but I do it in exhausting ways. I’ve been working this problem for forever, Lifehacking and self-helping and pep-talking, and sometimes I take more steps forward than I do back, but at other times I just stand on that line and take no steps forward or back. Combine that with the fact that the choices I made this spring meant I was out of the office for professional travel, vacation, and medical leave for four weeks out of the past six. That wreaked absolute havoc on my office productivity, and put me way behind the 8 ball on a few major projects.

So I’m popping in here today to say one thing.

Procrastinators, that Huge Awful Thing that you’ve been avoiding, studiously ignoring, having heart palpitations about, giving side-eye to, considering setting alight, contemplating lying about, and wondering if it’d be easier to just leave the country rather than finish it? You know that Huge Awful Thing?

Just sit down and start.

It’s easier than you think it is.

In your head, you’ve turned the monster in the closet into Grendel, and you don’t feel like Beowulf, so you sidle off sideways to do something else, anything else, than open that closet door. But you don’t need to be Beowulf, because, really, the monster’s Sulley. And everybody loves Sulley.

Just sit down and start.

Because, I can also attest to this: Leaving the country to avoid it doesn’t actually work. And that Huge Awful Thing took me 40 minutes, and I’ve been struggling to get started for something like 3 months. Don’t be like me. Give it a shot. Sit down and start.


  1. Good advice, and something I have to remind myself of often (*waves at Sulley*). And even when you really are facing Grendel, well, the more time you give it, the more Grendel grows.


  2. One thing that works for me is telling myself to just do 5 minutes, lessen the expectation and take one step towards completion. Then keep starting. Sometimes before I know it, I’ve done 15 – 20 minutes and momentum kicks in. Other tasks are just painful that 5 or 10 minutes at a time is enough to keep chipping away.


  3. And… nothing ever gets done if you don’t start. Sometimes you might even determine after you actually get started that it is a task that never really needed to be done or one that you can delegate.


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