Radio silence

I’ve been surprisingly silent this summer — that’s not my style. And I’m going to be pretty quiet for another month or so. But there are reasons… all of them personal.

First, I’m getting married this weekend, so I’m going offline at 4pm today to pack for a week of camping at a State park in Vermont, and I’m not coming back to civilization until next Tuesday. And this blog will be low on my list of priorities when I get back, as it’s the start of classes and I have a job to do here on campus. (Unless the ACS followup post causes an explosion; it shouldn’t, but hell, you never know. If that happens, I’ll be back on Tuesday and will weigh in.)

Second, I have limited time in which to do my day job. As I announced in my personal spaces last week, I’m 14 weeks pregnant. I keep saying “anything could happen”, but odds are good I’ll carry this pregnancy to term and have a baby come February. Being pregnant at 37 isn’t easy by a far stretch (is it ever?), particularly when you work a high-emotional-pressure full-time job to which you’re accustomed to giving 50-60 hours per week. The upshot is that I’m not working as much, and when I’m at home I’m focused on napping and recharging and having a life. So I have less mental space and energy for writing. Which also explains the summer drought of posting; I was just too wiped out to consider doing more work than was absolutely necessary. Logically and ethically in that context, my libraries take precedence over my desire to Say Things About Things. I say them to the cats and to Justin instead. They’re a much more adoring audience than y’all, anyway.

I firmly believe you can’t have it all, all at once. But you can try to have what you want most, and what you need, if you prioritize and act thoughtfully. What I want most right now is to shepherd my libraries through a transitional budget year and an exciting semester start up, and have a joyous celebration this weekend, and stay as healthy and happy as I can while my body does this crazy complex thing. That may not include much writing here. Or it may. We’ll see.


  1. Congrats on the baby, best wishes on the marriage, and hang in there with your new adventures. It’ll be supremely rewarding and crazy-difficult, but you’ll figure it out!


  2. I was wondering what happened with you (since I don’t follow you anywhere else at the moment–maybe I should change that!) and now I discover. How amazing, Jenica. I’m sooooo happy for you.


  3. Congrats and best wishes to you! You are handling this exactly right. I had my first child at 37 and my 2nd at 40 and you’re right, you have to start making some tradeoffs with your time and energy. Among other things I let some cool job opportunities pass by, I let my blog lie fallow, and there were days when I didn’t know how I was going to find the energy to make it through. We managed, though, and now that my youngest is almost two I’m starting to get some wiggle room back in my schedule. It’s worth it. Listen to your body, rest when you need it (physically or emotionally). Enjoy and celebrate the exciting transitions in your life. And don’t worry about the blog. It’ll be here when you feel like writing. 🙂


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